Friday, 26 April 2013

Eat Clean and Ditch the Dirt!

For the last 12 days I have been trying to eat 'clean' foods. By this I mean I've been cutting all the junk out from my diet (i.e. crisps, chocolate, fried foods etc) and eating more fruit, vegetables and protein.

In just 12 days I have felt a massive difference, I feel more energised, my skin feels great and I don't feel lethargic like I used to. Being at a desk all day really didn't help my energy levels and changing my diet has improved that hugely in such a short space of time.

I decided to record everything I am eating in a photo diary and created a new profile on Instagram to do so. I have found so many inspiring profiles to follow which have motivated me and given me new ideas for meal recipes. If you want to take a look at my photo diary just click here and if you'd like to follow me to join me on my clean eating journey search for @foodfotodiary on Instagram.

I invested in a pair of running trainers and have started running! I am seriously unfit and out of shape but on the first day I did a 25 minute run (intermittent 5 minutes jog/pace walk with running) and I felt absolutely amazing after (albeit seriously knackered). I plan on getting a workout in 4 days a week, whether that be running, weights at the gym or swimming. 

I also began the 30 day squat challenge. Day 1 of the challenge included me doing 50 squats. After about 25 I could feel some serious burning up my thighs (told you I was super unfit) but I pushed through to 50. Day 2 was 55 squats and day 3 was 60 etc. My legs currently feel totally destroyed but it's a good feeling and it means I will be getting results. 

I will say one thing, if you choose to start something like this 'cold turkey' like I did, be prepared to feel a little shock in your body. You will feel pretty tired and bloated at first (a lot of fibre in fruits will do that to you) but it will pay off I promise you! If you combine a good diet with regular exercise you will get results and you will feel amazing. I'm not trying to lose weight per se. I am trying to get in shape, lead a healthier lifestyle and tone up. Let's see how it goes.

If you have an Instagram profile related to fitness and food leave me your Instagram name in the comments below!

Don't forget to follow me here on Instagram to keep up with my progress!

Numera x


  1. I was thinking to start my Squat chanllenge as well but Im scared to death :$ Hats of to you girl!!!! Stay Blessed xx

  2. I have been laying off the junk food for a while now and it really does feel better! But can I tell you no one is more unfit than me! I honestly have mini heart attacks when I run 3 seconds for a train - so bad. Keep up the healthy eating, it takes a lot of effort! xx

  3. <3 this post!!! Just what I needed!! Too many date nights aren't a good thing! haha.

  4. Your doing a great job. Love all the food pics and i so need to start running soon to shift the last stone and then its toning for me.

  5. Hi! You've got a great blog here and I'm your follower. I'd love it so much if you could follow me back via GFC and Bloglovin :) it'd be great to keep in touch!