Thursday, 26 July 2012

NOTD: Quirky Coral

I am a big fan of the colour Coral and decided to paint my nails in this colour the other day.

I love Barry M nail polishes, for their quality and price and 'Coral' is a shade I have had for a while but haven't used!

The colour is deeper coral shade, with hints of orange/red in it. It has the usual consistency of Barry M Nail paints which means it only needs 1-2 coats and application is smooth and simple.

I have yet to find a Barry M nail paint which I am disappointed with! With a massive range of colours and at the very affordable price of £2.99, these will be a firm favourite of mine for a long time. Barry M nail polishes are available from Boots.

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Monday, 23 July 2012

HdF Gets Creative: Nappy Cake

Yesterday one of my best friends had her baby shower. She is due in just a few weeks and I am so excited for her baby to finally be a part of this world! I wanted to create something extra special for her as a gift and I thought what better than a nappy cake?

Here is what you need and how to make a gorgeous nappy cake containing all the essentials a mum needs for the arrival of her new baby. As we don't yet know the gender of the baby I kept all the gifts neutral coloured.

Hope you found this useful! If you have other ideas for gifts for newborns don't forget to leave me a comment or email me! I love to hear from you and get new ideas.

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Friday, 20 July 2012

NOTD: Shockwave

Last month Orly released their Electronica collection of nail polishes for A/W 2012. The theme is an 80s throwback which is reflected in the range of four shades available in this collection.

 L-R: Decoded, Preamp, Shockwave and Synchro

I decided to try the vivid blue shade named 'Shockwave' as I don't have a nail polish in this colour yet! 

This is actually the first Orly polish I own and although I have tried their nail polishes before, I have to admit, it was a long time ago and so I couldn't recall what their polishes are like in terms of quality, application and longevity. I like the rubber lid as it provides a good surface to hold and grip for precise application and at 18ml the bottle is pretty large which can only mean one thing - more product!

The colour is ink blue and reminds me of those fountain pens I used to use at school! When applying the first coat of polish, I realised this wasn't the usual creamy consistency that I normally go for with polishes. It is a sheer colour which is super glossy and most definitely requires two coats. I found the brush was easy to use and the consistency was actually quite nice (although thinner than what I tend to choose).

I felt this polish required no top coat at all as it was so shiny and glossy once two coats had been applied. I do think that after two days a quick top coat is a necessity though, because the polish began to chip.

Overall, I was pleased with the colour and will be buying more Orly polishes in the future! I have my eyes on Decoded after seeing how it looks on the lovely Tanzina's nails.

You can buy the Electronica collection here at Beauty Bay. Get yours fast as they are currently priced at only £7.50 (usually £10.25 per bottle).

Have you tried the Electronica collection?

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Time To Vote! Cosmopolitan Blog Awards with Next

Hi beauties!

A short while back I asked my lovely readers to nominate me for the Next Newcomer blog award 2012. I found out that I have been selected for the shortlist!!! How amazing is that?! This is all because of you guys and the support you have shown and for that I am truly appreciative and honoured.

As voting has now begun for the actual award I have one more thing to ask from you. If you could now put in your votes for me to actually win the award I would be so flattered and grateful.

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Thank you again lovelies! <3

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Inside Hommes de Femmes' Kitchen

If you know me personally (or follow me on Instagram) you will have some idea about how much I love food. Over the years I have picked up a few traditional recipes from my mum (and other members of my family) and thought I'd share one with you! Today's recipe is for a curry made from Okra or Ladyfingers.

You can use fresh or frozen okra (I used frozen for this dish). If using fresh, top and tail the veg (trim off the ends) and cut into 1-2cm chunks. Put a teaspoon of olive oil in a pan and fry the okra for about 8 minutes. This is particularly effective when using fresh okra as it helps to reduce a little of the stickiness/goo which okra has and also softens the raw vegetables. After frying, remove the okra from the pan and leave to the side.

Thinly slice a medium/large onion, add half a tablespoon more olive oil to the same pan you fried the veg in. Fry the onions until translucent and lightly golden with a teaspoon of lazy garlic.

Time to spice this dish up! Add one and a half teaspoons of red chilli powder (adjust this depending on how spicy you want the dish to be)

A teaspoon of salt

A teaspoon of coriander powder

A quarter of a teaspoon of turmeric powder

And either a tin of chopped tomatoes or a large handful of fresh plum tomatoes.

This is the sauce and the base of your dish. Leave this to simmer on a low heat for about 5 minutes before adding the pre-fried okra back to your pan. Simmer on a medium heat for about 10 minutes, making sure to stir the pan regularly.

Et voila!

This was the first curry I ever learnt to make. You can add a little fresh coriander at the end to add a little more flavour to your dish and if you want to really spice things up, add fresh chillies! Serve with fluffy rice or naans/chappatis and plain yoghurt to cool the fire!

What was the first thing you learned to cook? 

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Japonesque Brow Accessories: Tweeze and Tidy

I was recently contacted by one of the lovely ladies from the team at Japonesque who had some exciting news to share - has launched a host of iconic Japonesque 'beauty bootie'! These products from the amazing Japonesque brand were previously unavailable in the UK which is definitely a bit of good news for the Japonesque lovers out there.

I was sent three brow essential tools to try out for myself and share with you. The first is the Artisan Slant Tip Tweezer which I received in Pink (also available in other colours).

First off, these tweezers are FABULOUS! They are stainless steel with an acrylic outer shell. The slanted tip lets you get super close to the roots and pull out even the smallest of stray hairs. The tweezers are wider at the bottom so that you can hold them and grip them comfortably.

I used these to tidy up my brows and remove any stray hairs and was so surprised at how quickly and easily I cleaned them up. The tweezers I usually use are flat at the end and feel absolutely blunt compared to these Japonesque ones. I can be precise with these, without catching the sensitive skin on my brow bone.

The tweezers come in a handy black felt/velvet feel pouch which you can slip the tweezers into for storage. A big plus is the fact that they are PINK, which totally appeals to the girly side of me and I love them!

You can buy the Artisan Slant Tip Tweezers priced at £16 here and on the HQHair website you can also get a free gift with every purchase over £10 from the Japonesque range!

Have you tried any Japonesque products? Which are your most used tweezers?

*Product sent for review - this is my honest opinion as always!

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Project Pan #7

Especially Escada is the perfect Spring/Summer fragrance. I received this bottle at the Superdrug press event  in February and from the first spray, I knew this was going to be my scent for the season.

Unfortunately, I have gone through the bottle now! I haven't had a chance to pick up another, so have moved on to another perfume. The smell is sweet, floral and fresh and is perfect for the warmer months as it screams summer. I love the design of the bottle and lid and see-through glass perfume bottles are always my favourite so you can see just how much there is left to use! For my full review on this perfume, just click here.

Numera x

Monday, 9 July 2012

NOTD: A Little Bit Pensive

Today's NOTD is another from the Summer Chic mini set from MeMeMe. This shade is named "Pensive"

My nails were actually painted by my other half (as I was feeling lazy and I kept nagging him - for a first timer I'm quite impressed with his nail painting skills!) The colour is a gorgeous sky blue, perfect for summer. The colour is bright, without being too in-your-face and the polish is long-lasting. Another hit for me from the nail polishes set.

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Link Love

I have lots more amazing bloggers' links to share with you today!

Muslimah Beauty by Hafsah

Hafsah is a talented blogger and future entrepreneur. Although her blog heavily focuses on skincare, she throws in reviews of cosmetics and other beauty related topics. Don't miss her posts entitled "The Mixtress Workshop" where Hafsah showcases some of her own home-made concoctions for skincare. Click on the link above to read about an exciting new project and event which she will taking part in (and guest speaking at!)

A Little Obsessed by Sabrina

For a mix of fashion and beauty, Sabrina's blog is fabulous. She writes a mix of honest product reviews and shares lots of outfit ideas. She shops at the shops that your everyday girl will shop at, so her outfits are always easily accessible. Look out for her nail posts - she does not shy away from colour which I love! A recent favourite post from her was her how to wear floral trousers blog post. Many would shy away from such bold prints, but Sabrina shows us just how easy it is to wear one of Summer's hottest prints!

Essie-Button by Estee

Essie Button is a recent find, although Estee has been blogging for a couple of years now. I am really enjoying watching her YouTube videos as well as reading her blog. Her videos are full of personality and she is fun and relatable for girls, which is great. Her June favourites video was not only helpful (I have a growing wishlist thanks to her!) but it had me laughing and wasn't boring to watch, as I find with some Monthly Favourites videos from other YouTubers. For lots of product reviews and excellent, clear photographs, Estee's blog is worth a visit or two (or ten!)

Wendy's Lookbook by Wendy

One of my absolute favourite fashion blogs is Wendy's Lookbook. I also love her videos on YouTube. She is another blogger who has a vibrant, fun personality which radiates through her blog posts and videos. I even learnt how to take care of my designer shoes from one of Wendy's videos! Her style is faultless - she is classy, feminine, casual and fun all rolled into one. One of my personal favourite recent looks is the above link. I love how she has styled boyfriend jeans and managed to pull off a look which is super feminine yet not contrived at all. Do not miss her videos, they are at a standard which is second to none!

Mango Whirl by MW

Another amazing fashion blog is Mango Whirl. For girls who wish to dress modestly, but still look fashion forward and stylish, hers is the blog to read. MW puts together simple pieces to create gorgeous looks. Her outfits are perfect for those who want to look classy but without having to compromise your own modesty. She regularly shares beautiful photos which she has captured in her daily life on her blog also. Do not miss her DIY posts, she made a maxi skirt out of one of her mum's old kameez (long shirt) - how clever is that?! Also a favourite feature of mine from her blog is MW's 3 ways to wear. MW shows us how to wear a certain look or a certain garment in 3 different ways to create 3 completely different outfits!

Skin Scrubs by Annabella

I discovered Annabella's blog after TOWIB last year. Her blog is where I run to for reviews on skincare and products to try out. I also read her blog to lust over all her Bath and Body Works goodies and other products from brands which are not available in the UK. She really knows her stuff and has the proof to show it in the amount of empty bottles she blogs about on a regular basis! I love her empties posts as I know I can count on a full, thorough review of the product which she will have used for a longer amount of time (rather than just swatching/using once and then writing about it). For in-depth reviews on shampoos, creams, ointments, lotions - you name it! - make sure you have a read of Annabella's blog. 

If you don't already follow the blogs which these lovely ladies write - then do it now! Go follow them on Twitter too ;)

Hafsah - @muslimahb
Sabrina - @sabrinalovesyou
Estee - @essiebutton
Wendy - @wendynguyen
Annabella - @Skinscrubs

Please note: I do not own any of the photographs in this post. They are from the blogs which are mentioned and linked above.

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Numera x

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Hommes de Femmes' 100th Post!

I cannot believe this has come around so quickly, but this is my 100th POST on Hommes de Femmes!

As a small thank you to all of you who read my blog, I will be holding a small giveaway. The prize is going to be little box of goodies which I have chosen to keep a surprise (I was inspired by a few other blogs who have run giveaways in this manner - Farrah Tells and Chocoholic Hijabi to name a couple).

The box will be a mixture of beauty products which I like and also which YOU want to receive!

To enter, simply fill in the form below and comment with a product you would like to see in the surprise box (I will try my best to include as many of your choices as possible).

Please note, you must be a follower of my blog and must leave a comment - the rest of the entries are optional.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway is open internationally and will end 1 September 2012.

Good luck and thank you all for the continued support and love!

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Friday, 6 July 2012

Project Pan #6

I am just over half way through Project Pan and I have to admit, I started slacking after number 5 (hence the long overdue post). I bought some beauty products/cosmetics - something which I was not supposed to do!

Never mind, here is number 6 in the list of empties:

As I have mentioned several times before on my blog, I am a big fan and regular user of Carmex lip balms. The Mint flavour was actually the last one I discovered in the range. Many people are not too keen on the tingly feeling which Carmex gives to your lips - I for one, find it quite pleasant and don't mind it at all. The added minty-ness which this flavour gives makes my lips feel cool and moisturised and helps to calm and relieve that dry, irritated feeling which dry lips tend to hold.

Of course, the added benefit of SPF15 is a plus and as long as it is available in an easy to apply tube, this lip balm will be a permanent fixture in my handbag and on my lips!

Numera x

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nice Nails Baby

Last week I attended the launch event for the Nice Nails Baby new base in Kings Cross. The event was an evening of 'nails and cocktails' and was held at The Big Chill bar.

The event was a mixture of cocktails, cupcakes and of course, NAILS! Beauty bloggers and journalists were invited to have their nails done by a NNB nails technician. There was a wide range of nail polish colours to choose from and then the fun began with the application of your choice of a wide range of 3D nail art to jazz up your manicure.

Yummy mocktails

 Heart, Crowns and Bows!

My polish picks - OPI Hot & Spicy and Essie Coral Reef

Safiyah's (of Frooti Beauty) polish pick - OPI Mermaid's Tears

The final product! (Nails done by the gorgeous Steph)

Left hand (the 3D art definitely created the wow factor)

                 Right hand (yes, those are painted to look like licorice allsorts, and have been the talking point of many conversations since!)

Safiyah's and my bow nails

 More pretty nails

The Sassi PR and Nice Nails Baby team were amazing. They were friendly, helpful and enthusiastic - everything a good event team should be! They sat with each and every guest and chatted with us, a lovely personal touch which I felt made the event a huge success.

The Nice Nails Baby salon base is in Victoria and their new base is in King's Cross. Be sure to pop in and have a nail treatment from one of the gorgeous ladies who works there, you will not be disappointed!

Thank you to Jola for inviting me to such a lovely event and good luck to NNB with the new base!

Numera x