Saturday, 30 June 2012

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

NOTD: Naked Ambition

Another NOTD to share with you today. I recently took advantage of a Groupon voucher which offered £45 worth of goods from the MeMeMe website for a mere £18! One of my picks was a set of "Summer Chic" mini nail polishes.

The colour is described as a 'dusky pink' but is more beige/flesh toned. It is a perfect everyday colour and is easy to wear. It's the first nail polish I've tried from the brand and after applying two coats and a top coat I found the polish to be high in quality and non-streaky.

There are five other shades in the Summer Chic collection and I can't wait to try the rest!

Have you tried any polishes from MeMeMe?

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Monday, 25 June 2012

OOTD: Spikes and Wings

As mentioned before, I met up with some fellow bloggers last week. We headed to Regents Park for a picnic and some girl time! We were so lucky to get beautiful weather on that day - something which has been a rarity lately. I chose to wear something casual and comfortable as I knew it would be a long day under the sun and around London.

Photos courtesy of  Sam

What I wore:

Jeans - French Connection
White vest: H&M
Shirt: Primark
Cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Primark
Necklace: H&M
Black stone ring: H&M
Above the knuckle rings: New Look

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Instagramming My Daily Life 2

Here is some more long overdue Instagram love!

 Mac and cheese - food of the Gods!; My mug at work - me to a T(ea); Hello Loubis!; currently using: Mint Carmex
 East Street restaurant interior; hand sanitizers from Asmaa; cake sale at work; feeling minty with MAC's Mischevious Mint polish
 Creamy chicken curry; Edgware Road; <3; Zara beaded collar shirt
 Delicious food in Beirut Express; shisha time with Frooti Beauty and Chocoholic Hijabi; Bath and body works goodies from Dubai; Passion Juice and Mosquito mocktails
 My name (in arabic) on his finger; spikes and wings; Meat and Wine company; fruit cocktail
 My top 10 nail polishes; Lamingtons made by Asmaa; pearly queen; Bluebell nails
Summertime with strawbs; passing 150 followers!; coral and bling; behind the camera

If you want to see more, just follow me on Instagram. My user name is @hommesdefemmes

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Saturday, 23 June 2012

NOTD: Baby Bluebell

At a recent bloggers meet up in Regents Park, my gorgeous friend Sam pulled a few nail polishes which were lurking in her handbag. I spotted a gorgeous blue/lavender bottle and I grabbed it from her straight away!

"Bluebell" is one of the three shades which was free with In Style magazine a short while back. It's a beautiful pastel shade, perfect for the summer and perfect for any skin tone.

Nails Inc polishes are high in quality and I don't find them to be streaky on application. I don't have a colour like this in my collection, so will be on the hunt for something similar very soon!

Numera x

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Goodbye To Grease

I am not someone who reaches for a dry shampoo very often, but when I do it will always be a Batiste bottle. Currently I'm loving one of their more recent releases: Cherry

I am a big lover of fruity smells and this Cherry scented dry shampoo makes my hair smell fresh and fruity, whilst banishing that unwanted greasy look. I spray this into the roots of my hair, from a distance. I then wait for a few seconds before rubbing it in with my fingers then running a brush through my hair and voila! No more grease and my hair looks like it's been freshly washed.

Many people find that dry shampoos leave a white residue in their hair, giving them a premature ageing look.  I had this problem with another brand, but have never had it with Batiste. I personally don't see any residue and I find that if you use this sparingly (rather than spraying like a madwoman, hoping the powder will suck up all the oils) then no white spots will be left behind. Of course, you do need to work the product into the hair properly also.

The downside that I find with dry shampoos (any, not just Batiste) is they do remove the essential oils which your hair needs and they dehydrate your scalp. I noticed that when I started using dry shampoos a little more regularly, I was finding a little dandruff was building up due to having an overly dry scalp (even after washing my hair). I make sure I use them only if necessary now and I haven't had any further issues.

Which is your favourite dry shampoo?

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Monday, 11 June 2012

Top 10 Nail Polishes

Today's post was inspired by Lily who writes What I Heart Today. She shared her top 10 nail polishes in a youtube video. I love seeing products that other people love to use and I actually created a short wish list just from Lily's video/blog post! Here are my current favourites:

These are in no particular order:

Models Own "Nude Beige"

I have raved about this polish several times on my blog. It is the perfect nude colour and the formula is non-streaky and long lasting. "Nude Beige" is my go-to nail polish for a clean, classy and work-friendly look.

MAC "Shirelle"

"Shirelle" is the perfect ruby red polish. Red is a classic lip, nail and dress colour and this shade fits that bill to a 'T'. Although I find MAC polishes to be slightly streaky, with a second coat the colour evens out to produce a bright red suitable for all skin tones.

Barry M "Berry Ice Cream"

Pastels are all the rage this Spring/Summer and this gorgeous lilac purple is one of my favourite colours to wear this season. It complements my skin tone and looks great with any outfit. Barry M polishes have been a firm favourite of mine for years and they never let me down.

MAC "Mischevious Mint"

Another pastel shade, mint green has been the hottest colour on the catwalks recently. Again, I'm not the biggest fan on the formula as I do find it to be a little on the streaky side; however the colour is beautiful and remains one of my most used polishes.

Rimmel "French Rose"

What I love about this polish is the maxi brush which makes application quick and easy. If you want a clean, natural look for your nails, kind of a painted but not painted look, this is a great polish. I also use this when I want a french manicure on my nails. 

Barry M "Raspberry"

Raspberry is a lovely deep red which would look amazing on any skin tone. It is another classic colour suitable to wear at any time of the year and for any occasion.

Barry M "Mushroom"

Yet another nail paint from Barry M, "Mushroom" is a warm brown colour which can be layered on to create a deep chocolate brown. I love to wear this in the winter especially.

Revlon "Tropical Temptation"

This beautiful coral polish is one of my favourite summer colours. I find Revlon polishes to be good in quality and generally they are non-streaky. The longer handle on the lid may not be everyone's preference as shorter handles allow for better precision, but I don't really have any issues with these bottles!

Illamasqua "Nomad"

This is part of the Human Fundamentalism collection from Illamasqua. It's a really pretty jade green shade which I really love. It is super bright but without being fluorescent and with two coats it looks creamy and smooth on my nails.

Barry M "Peach Melba"

The final polish in my top 10 is "Peach Melba", another pastel shade. I absolutely love this colour and I love how it looks against my skin. It's a beautiful spring/summer polish which provides the finishing touch to any outfit.

Clockwise from thumb: Nude Beige, Shirelle, Berry Ice Cream,       Clockwise from little finger: Peach Melba, Nomad,             
Mischevious Mint and French Rose                                                          Tropical Temptation, Mushroom and Raspberry

What are your favourite nail polishes? If you have a top 10 blog post leave your link below for me!

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Project Pan #5

Number five in my project pan series is yet another beauty box goody.

The Wild Rose 24-hour moisturiser by Korres was from my January Carmine box. This was actually my favourite item in that box and I am a big lover of Korres products. I kept this travel-sized tube of cream on my desk at work. The consistency is lovely and creamy and is lightly rose scented. The formula is not greasy at all and although I wouldn't agree that it kept my hands moisturised throughout the whole day, it definitely kept them soft and supple for several hours. The cream contains SPF 6 which always a plus! Although I liked this product there are other Korres moisturisers which are higher on my must-have list; it's possibly not something I'd repurchase.

Numera x 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Monday, 4 June 2012

Link Love

This post is long overdue! No time wasting, I will get right into it, here are some blogs I've been reading recently - go check them out!

Marie Loves by Marie

Marie writes a fabulous blog built up of lots of great fashion posts and videos, including how-to wear hair extensions, how-to tie-dye your clothes and many more! She has a great eye for jewellery pieces and clothing which can be mixed and matched to create several outfits and her style is cute and quirky. Don't miss her make up reviews and creative NOTDs! Click the above link for her most recent purchase from the one and only - Primark!

Frooti Beauty by Safiyah

One of my most favourite makeup artists is Safiyah from Frooti Beauty. She is super talented and can take any piece of clothing and create a flawless makeup look which complements the outfit perfectly! Her blog is a compilation of reviews and makeup ideas, and Safiyah is not afraid to experiment. Every week, Safiyah posts up a FOTD Frooti Friday (FFF) make up look (the above link is her most recent). These are a showcase of looks inspired by different occasions, outfits and even celebrities. Do not forget to check out her Nicki Minaj inspired look and her Illamasqua makeup look which was spotted by the famous Ms Alex Box herself!

Buy Now Blog Later by Laura

If you don't already read Laura's blog - where have you been?! It's no secret that many fashion bloggers out there use Laura's blog for inspiration when it comes to fashion. She has amazing style and knows how to put pieces together to create gorgeous ensembles. Laura also has the added benefit of living in beautiful Dubai - which means she has stunning backgrounds to take full advantage of in her photos. Check out the link to see her pretty, yet stylish outfit incorporating a skirt from AA.

Blush Crush by Chloe

For a well-rounded mix of fashion and beauty related posts, look no further than Chloe's blog. She is honest about the products she tries and gives an in-depth review to her readers. Something I really like is Chloe's posts which share the products which she did not like at all. The above link goes to one of these. Her blog is definitely worth a read, her posts are full of personality and she offers something new in each post.

Discovering Beauty by Ayshe

This blog is great if you want to read product reviews. Ayshe also posts great NOTDs and make up looks. She is not afraid to try new products and is on the quest to get perfect skin! She updates her readers with the products she has used up and her thoughts on them (see the link). This is not only interesting but also helpful as she can give a true review after using the product for a length of time. If you are also searching for a great skincare routine, visit her blog!

If you don't already follow the blogs which these lovely ladies write - then do it now! Go follow them on Twitter too ;)

Marie - @marieelton
Safiyah - @frootibeauty
Laura - @lollipop26
Ayshe - @curly_aysh

Please note: I do not own any of the photographs in this post. They are from the blogs which are mentioned and linked above.

Which blog posts have you been reading recently?

Numera x

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Project Pan #4

One of my favourite lip balms has finished! Another beauty box offering, this time from Jolie Box (then Boudoir Prive).

The Rose Petal Salve is a creamy, luxurious balm suitable to use on any part of the body to help soothe dry skin. My preference was to use it on my lips. This pot was in my October beauty box and I used it everyday (several times a day). It finished last month and I was genuinely quite upset! This lip balm is what kept my lips soft and smooth throughout the Winter - definitely something I will be purchasing again.

For my full review of the Rose Petal Salve, just take a look here.

What are your favourite lip balms?

Numera x