Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Goodies

Hey beauts! So I get the feeling that a lot of people are becoming quite bored with these monthly beauty boxes now. The initial "hype" and interest surrounding them has worn off and I'm seeing much less chatter about these boxes now compared to a few months ago. As mentioned in my last post here I dropped my subscription to Glossy Box and kept it for Carmine and Jolie Box. This month there wasn't a box from Jolie Box (those will start up again in February) but I did receive my box for January from Carmine!

I'll keep this brief as I don't want to bore anyone. In this box I received:

  • Korres Wild Rose 24-hour Moisturising & Brightening Cream - I love Korres products and was happy to receive this sample size as I haven't tried this particular cream yet.
  • Eldora False Eyeylashes - Generally I am not a big wearer of false eyelashes and on the couple of occasions that I have worn them, they've been as natural looking as possible. These lashes come with a small tube of lash glue and I would probably try them out for a big occasion.
  • Balance Me Radiance Face Oil - Carmine gave a product from Balance Me in their first ever box which I loved, so I look forward to using this.
  • Westlab Himalayan Pink Salt - I shower more than I bathe but I think having something exciting to add to your bath definitely makes taking baths more attractive!
  • Eyeko Fat Eye Stick in the shade "Old Gold" - I am a big fan of Eyeko cosmetics and although I don't really tend to wear a lot of colour around my eyes, this is a lovely muted neutral shade which would be suitable for daytime or evening wear.

Once again, I am really pleased with my box from Carmine. I am constantly singing their praises to people on Twitter and I feel like I can continue to do so, without feeling like a fraud! I will use every product from this box (yes, including the lashes!) and that to me, is what makes a beauty box a true success.

What are your thoughts on this month's box? Did any of you receive the January Glossy Box, how did you find it?

Numera x

Friday, 27 January 2012

100 Things - Part 7

Hi darlings I am here with the next segment of 100 things I love - and here they are!

Sixty One
Road Trips - Best when they include friends, fun and food :)

Sixty Two
Photography - To capture those unforgettable moments forever

Sixty Three
My necklace - Designed and made especially for me, it's one of my most favourite pieces of jewellery <3

Sixty Four
Spiral Staircases - To me they are a symbol of luxury, I would love to have them in my own home one day!

Sixty Five
Almond Croissants - Although I am not a fan of marzipan in general, I do love these

Sixty Six
White Decor/Interior Design - It's clean, crisp and totally chic!

Sixty Seven
Messages that make you smile/get butterflies - It's the best feeling to know someone is thinking of you

Sixty Eight
Cities - I love the buzz that you find in cities

Sixty Nine
Handbags - They can change an outfit in an instant

Tea - How I start my day

Images sourced from weheartit

Just 3 more parts left to the series dolls! How did you like this week's choices?

Numera x

Giveaway Winner!

Hey lovelies, my blog giveaway ended last night. I went through the entries today and it's time to announce that the winner is...


Well done doll! Will send you an email to notify you also. Please respond with your postal details within 24 hours. If I do not receive a response I will pick another winner.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered and please do check back as I will be hosting another giveaway very soon - this time an INTERNATIONAL one!

I really do appreciate all the support from you all and I'm so happy that my first giveaway went so well! Huge amounts of love to you all.

Numera x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Opening at Westfield Shepherd's Bush April 2nd 2012 (located opposite Zara/Apple Store)
Source: Google

Numera x

Monday, 23 January 2012

What A Man Wants

Hey dolls today is a slightly different type of blog post from me. Have you ever wondered what men find attractive about a woman when it comes to her makeup? Do men really think less is more? I decided to find out! I asked a small number of men aged between 13 and 55 to answer a few questions based on makeup and what they found attractive about women who wear makeup. I'm going to list the questions with the answers from these gentlemen under each question so it doesn't get too confusing (I hope!). This is quite a long post, but it's worth a read I assure you!

1. Do you prefer to see a woman wearing makeup or no makeup?

W: I prefer a balance
M1: With makeup
R: Depends - I don't like it when I see girls overdoing their makeup and it equally annoys me when they don't put any effort in at all around people
B: No makeup to minimal amounts
H: I rarely see a girl without makeup so I'm used to makeup
A: Yeah wear makeup if going outdoors
D: No makeup
M2: No makeup

2. Do you prefer natural looking makeup or glamorous makeup?

W: Depends on the occasion I guess. Generally I like the natural look but on certain occasions the glamorous look is quite fitting
M1: Natural
R: Natural
B: Natural
H: Natural, no flashy shiny stuff
A: Natural
D: Natural
M2: Natural

3. Which makeup/beauty product do you like to see on women the most? (i.e. blusher, mascara, lipstick, fake tan etc. Pick one only!)

W: Lip gloss
M1: Mascara
R: Blusher I think?
B: Ooo that's a hard one, I'd say eyeliner
H: Mascara
A: Mascara
D: Lipstick
M2: Eyeliner

4. Which products do you hate to see women wear?

W: Fake nails - does that count? Any sort of artifical extension;  nails, hair, eyelashes. Don't like them, I only like enhancement of natural features. I also don't like excessive makeup caked on.
M1: Glittery things
R: Fake tan
B: Fake tan!
H: N/A
A: All that foundation they put on their faces!
D: Mascara
M2: Fake tan

5. What is the first facial feature you notice about a woman?

W: I always notice the eyes first
M1: Eyes
R: Eyes and hair
B: Eyes and teeth
H: Eyes
A: Eyes
D: Eyes
M2: Eyes

6. Curly or straight hair? Tied up or left loose?

W: I prefer curly hair and loose
M1: Curly and loose
R: Curly
B: Curly, loose
H: Straight. Left loose if activities permit
A: I like my girls with straight hair (GHDs!)
D: Straight, loose
M2: Straight, loose

7. What is one thing you have always wondered about makeup or beauty products/tools?

W: What is the difference in quality between high end brands and high street brands and what makes this difference?
M1: Why do girls love MAC?
R: Why the products are so small but it takes so long for women to put them on!
B: Why girls can't live without it
H: How would I look if I put foundation on?
A: Why are they so expensive?!
D: Why do girls use so much??
M2: Is it edible?

(By this point when reading back everyone's answers, I was in fits of giggles as I'm sure some of you are too!)

8. Do you prefer painted nails or bare nails?

W: Painted
M1: Painted
R: Painted
B: French manicured nails, nice and smooth!
H: Painted
A: Bare nails because they look cleaner
D: Bare
M2: Painted

9. For this question I showed the lovely guys 5 pictures of ladies wearing different styles of makeup and asked them to number the pictures in order from 1-5 with 1 being their favourite look and 5 being their least favourite. Unfortunately some of the boys were unsure of what I meant and answered in a slightly different way, and I didn't get a chance to ask them once more (I have left their answers out so as not to confuse everyone). I tried to pick images of women who were less likely to be recognised by the boys (so that their opinions would not be swayed by how attractive they found the women in the first place!) First, the images I showed them:

A                                                                                                                        B

C                                                           D                                                           E

W: C, B, D, E, A
M1: B, D, C, A, E
R: unanswered
B: unanswered
H: C, E, D, B, A
A: unanswered
D: C, D, B, E, A
M2: C, B, D, E, A

10. As a man, would you ever wear makeup and if so, which product(s)?

W: No chance, I'm pretty enough!
M1: (Laughs) No.
R: Blusher to cover up my battle scars!
H: Mascara, I heard it brings out your eyes
A: Don't do makeup!
D: No
M2: No

So there you have it! What men want and what they think about us women and our makeup! Did these opinions follow what you thought a man's opinions would be on makeup and beauty? Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully I shall have more like this soon.

P.S. Don't forget to enter my very first blog giveaway here

Numera x

Friday, 20 January 2012

My First Ever GIVEAWAY!

Hi dolls! I'm so excited because finally I have managed to sort out my first ever giveaway! A short while back I reached 100 followers on Twitter and had passed the 25 followers mark on GFC (Google Friend Connect) and I just wanted to do something to thank you all and show my appreciation to those who have supported me and made this blog even more enjoyable for me to write than it already was!

So first up and most importantly: the goodies you can win (rules of the giveaway to follow underneath!)

The prizes are as follows:
Batiste Dry Shampoo "Coconut and Exotic Tropical"
Soap and Glory "The Scrub of Your Life" in a handy travel size (see my review here)
Mini Strawberry Body Shop Body Butter
Natural Collection Blush in the shade "Peach Melba"
17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick in the shade "Belle" (see my review here)

This is a small collection of products I am loving and enjoying using at the moment so I decided to share them with you and give you the chance to try them out too!

The rules are simple:

  • You must be a follower of my blog via GFC (just click on "Join this site" in the sidebar on the right)
  • Leave your name, your GFC name (if different) and email address so I can contact you if you win; in the comments section below.
For extra entries:

  • Follow me on Twitter (just click here and leave your twitter name below) +1 extra entry
  • Tweet about this giveaway and leave a link back to this post (Please leave a link to your tweet) +1 extra entry
And that's it! Please ensure you have permission/approval from a parent or guardian if you are under the age of 16. The giveaway is open to UK residents only (Sorry! But I will try and do an international giveaway soon, I promise)

The giveaway will close at 23:59 on Thursday 26 January 2012 and I will announce the winner on the following day. The winner will be chosen via random.org.

Good luck beauties!

Numera x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Mirror Shine On Your Lips

Hiya darlings! Today I want to talk to you about a well-known high street brand whose lipsticks I have been a fan of for quite some time now. I'm talking about Mirror Shine On lipsticks from 17. Currently I have three from the range:

I think there are about 8-10 shades in the range; the first lipsticks I picked were "Belle" and "Nudist Peach". My sister chose "Beehive" and after I saw her wearing it I had to go back and get one for myself! Belle is a rosy pink shade, Nudist Peach is a peachy, nude shade - what you might describe as a My Lips But Better (MLBB) colour. For a light candyfloss pink shade, choose Beehive.

L-R: Beehive, Nudist Peach, Belle (Excuse the battered look of Belle, unfortunately it broke due to my own clumsiness!)

These lipsticks give sheer colour coverage but can be built up for slightly better coverage. What makes these lipsticks a winner for me is not the colour payoff but their consistency. These are so creamy and moisturising on my lips. I generally have dry lips and always use lipbalm before applying lipstick. In the winter my lips need that extra moisturisation even more, but I never need to use any lipbalm on my lips before applying these Mirror Shine On lipsticks - they're THAT good! The lipsticks are great for a subtle daytime look, but can also be worn to balance out a smokey eye or other heavy eye makeup. Some swatches for you beauties:

L-R: Beehive, Nudist Peach, Belle

These are lipsticks I would purchase again without hesitation. I actually can't pick a favourite because I love them all so much! They can be purchased from the 17 stands in Boots stores at £4.59 each - a very reasonable price in my opinion!

Have you tried any other shades from the collection? What are your opinions on 17 makeup?

Numera x

Monday, 16 January 2012

100 Things - Part 6

Hi loves, part 6 of the series is up!

Fifty One
A & F Fierce - This cologne for men by Abercrombie & Fitch is my most favourite smell EVER

Fifty Two
Honey Cheerios - Yummy at any time of day, not just in the morning!

Fifty Three
Walk-in wardrobe - Well, a girl can dream!

Fifty Four
Laughter - it really is the best medicine

Fifty Five
Holding hands - because of the above :)

Fifty Six
Nandos - I have yet to find a person who DOESN'T enjoy eating there

Fifty Seven
Shoes - my weakness

Fifty Eight
When he plays with my hair - it's soothing and relaxing

Fifty Nine
Shopping - because retail therapy really does work

Krispy Kremes - the ultimate doughnuts!

Images sourced from weheartit

If you missed any of the previous posts in this series just click here:

Hope you enjoyed reading this week's addition!

Numera x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Line them up!

Hey darlings hope you're all well! One thing which most girls search high and low to find is an eyeliner pencil which doesn't smudge or wear off after an hour. Of course, I am the same and have tried countless numbers of eyeliner pencils in order to find the perfect one. Recently I have been rotating between three pencils which I wanted to share with you:

From top to bottom: Crayon Kohl in "Smolder" by MAC £11.50 from MAC stores; Smoulder Kohl in "Superblack" by Soap & Glory £5 from Boots and Le Crayon Kohl in "Noir" by Chanel £17 from Chanel counters

The MAC pencil was a gift from my hubby (more about that fabulous gift to come in a future blog post!). The pencil is pretty soft once you use it a few times but it starts off quite hard and scratchy on the eye. I picked up the Soap & Glory kohl pencil last week whilst shopping with my sister. I had heard a lot about the whole S&G cosmetics range and wanted to try it out for myself! I love that it has a sharpener on the end of the pencil, it's so handy. The consistency is that of a crayon and it's the softest of the three. The Chanel pencil is something I have had for about a year or so and is actually the second one I've purchased. It's soft but I can press down quite hard on the pencil and it doesn't break. Some swatches for you:

From left to right: Chanel, Soap & Glory, MAC

As you can see, all three are highly pigmented, the MAC pencil slightly less than the other two. As for staying power, the MAC pencil tends to wear off quite quickly. If your eyes water a lot, unfortunately this is not the pencil for you as the product will end up in a 'gunky' mess around your waterline. The pencil from Soap & Glory has better staying power but does require reapplication after a while to keep it looking fresh. The Chanel pencil definitely has the longest staying power for me and I generally do not reapply this unless I've had it on all day and then want to wear it in the evening also. It doesn't smudge underneath my eyes and stays very black. I rubbed my finger lightly over the swatches on my hand to show how it smudges:

The MAC swatch has almost rubbed off and smudged whereas the other two swatches have remained quite dark and the smudge marks are much less in comparison. 

Personally my favourite and go-to eye pencil is the Chanel kohl pencil and has been for a while now. However I would still continue to use the other two, the MAC when I want a lighter line and the S&G pencil for a bit of variety from time to time. I do like all three and am not put off by the lower staying power of the MAC pencil because its great for a softer look and it smudges well. I have been recommended another MAC pencil which I want to try so I'm not sure if I'd repurchase this specific one. I'd definitely repurchase the Chanel and I definitely think I get my money's worth. I am undecided with the S&G kohl pencil, but I do think it's a great product!

What is your favourite eyeliner pencil? Have you tried any of the above and had different results? What is your go-to pencil?

Numera x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Scrub Of My Life

Hey dolls! I wanted to share a product with you which has become a staple in my body skincare routine over the last few months. I tend to exfoliate my skin once or twice a week in the shower and I generally gravitate towards scrubs which are slightly abrasive (but not so much that they hurt!) so that I can really feel my skin being exfoliated. I have tried so many different body scrubs and a few months ago I found what is literally "The Scrub of your Life"

This is "The Scrub of your Life" from Soap & Glory. I love everything about S&G products; the packaging is cool and quirky, the products do exactly what they say on the box and they all smell great too! This scrub claims to be " the ultimate super-smoothing body buffer" and I have to say, it really is!

The consistency is that of a gel-type substance, it's clear with little pink exfoliating beads inside:

I apply the scrub in the shower to wet skin and use either a shower pouf or my hands to lather and rub it all over in circular motions. I focus most of the "scrubbing" on the backs of my arms, my elbows and my knees which is where my skin is drier. The great thing about this scrub is that it lathers into a foamy soap on your skin which just adds to the cleaning experience in my opinion:

You know those little bumps you get on the backs of your arms sometimes? Well this scrub actually gets rid of them and you can FEEL it happening! It also makes ingrowing hairs disappear and makes your skin feel super smooth and squeaky clean. I absolutely love this product and I know I will be repurchasing it again and again. It also smells lush too - like flowers and candy floss and all things sweet-smelling. I would recommend this to everyone who enjoys using body scrubs, Soap & Glory have made the perfect product which does EXACTLY as it says on the bottle - and you can't ask for more than that!

Have you tried any Soap & Glory products? Would you recommend any other body scrubs?

Numera x

Monday, 9 January 2012

100 Things - Part 5

Hi beauties, part 5 is here and I'm at the half way mark!

Forty One
Costa Coffee - Caramel Lattes are THE ONES

Forty Two
Comfy Slippers - I love lazy days in the house wearing my fluffy slippers

Forty Three
Play fighting - always lots of fun!

Forty Four
Skinny jeans - my favourite shape to wear

Forty Five
Hugs - they always make me feel better

Forty Six
Mocktails - I'm always searching for places that serve them

Forty Seven
Long, hot showers - I prefer them to baths

Forty Eight
Sunglasses - I just wish I had more reasons to wear them in this country!

Forty Nine
Walking barefoot on the beach - I love feeling the sand between my toes (plus it's a natural exfoliant)

Sleeping - I love my sleep!

Images sourced from weheartit

I am half way through my journey of 100 things I love and I can't wait to share the next half with you. Keep checking back for more additions to my list, lovelies!

Numera x