Sunday, 30 December 2012

Monu Skincare: Eye Cooler

There are some mornings when I wake up and find that my eyes feel extra heavy and tired and just refuse to open fully. A splash of cold water sometimes helps, but it's not the most pleasant method of solving the issue!

I used to roll a little Garnier Caffeine eye roll-on which cooled and hydrated the area, but stopped using this (for no reason in particular). I have since been testing the Eye Cooling Gel from Monu Skincare and I am really enjoying using it!

This little pump action bottle is so handy and can be slipped into your handbag or makeup/toiletries bag with ease. You just pump out a little of the product on to your fingers (I always use my ring fingers - clean fingers of course!) and apply under the eyes using a soft patting motion.

I use this in the mornings after moisturising my face; I notice an instant cooling feeling after applying the gel and it really helps to hydrate the sensitive skin around the eye - a huge plus in the cold weather, when my skin is super dry. I feel a little more awake and my skin feels less irritated and sore - I also notice less puffiness around the area.

The only negative I have found with this product is that the pump allows just a little too much product to dispense each time I use it. I find I am wasting some of the product and less is definitely more when it comes to eye peoducts.

If I am honest, I don't find the Monu gel any better or worse than the Garnier roll-on and I wouldn't pick between the two. I enjoyed using both and will continue to use the gel. I'm not sure if I would repurchase the Monu gel, at £16.95 it is more on the expensive side while the Garnier roll-on is around the £10 mark and they both do the same job as far as I am concerned. A nice product, but not one of my favourites from Monu!

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Numera x


  1. This would be ideal for summer. It is quite pricey but I've found that the Garnier liquid stings my eye area! x

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