Saturday, 6 October 2012

Monu Skincare: Cleanse and Tone

Monu Skincare is a brand I have heard a lot about but have never tried using myself. So when I was contacted by the brand I was quite intrigued to try a few products.

Monu's brand stands for 'Quality, Purity. Authenticity' and as a brand that offers a range of natural skincare products, they appear to be fulfilling their motto. They offer a collection of products which cater for all skin types from 'intensive care' for extremely dry skin, to 'first defence' for sun damaged skin.

The range I was sent to try is the 'Line Smoothing' range. I am someone who believes it is never to early to use preventative methods to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles so this line is perfect for me. The bag contains several products which, when used together and on a regular basis, help to keep your skin firm and bouncy whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines.

The first two products I want to share with you are the Active Cleanser and Toner. I cleanse my face using the milky lotion, which I dispense on to my fingers and use all over my face and neck and rinse. I then take a clean cotton pad and soak it with toner (just so it's covered, not dripping!) and gently rub over my face and neck also.

I have been using the cleanser and toner for about 3 weeks now and although I don't expect to see a dramatic change or improvement to any fine lines over such a small time frame, I have felt some benefits to my skin generally. The cleanser and toner are so gentle and my skin feels soft and supple and it thoroughly cleansed. I have noticed my makeup applies better since using these products also, which is a huge plus.

The best thing about Monu products is of course, the fact that they contain no damaging chemicals, artificial perfumes or synthetic colours and Monu do not test their products on animals. So far, I am really pleased with the cleanser and toner and I definitely feel like they are helping my skin, which is perfect now that the colder months are approaching!

Monu skincare is available online here.

*Product sent to me, but the review is my own and is 100% honest!

Have you tried any Monu products? 

Numera x


  1. really great that they don't test on animals - trying to go that way myself now when buying products.

    I love skincare might need to give these a try xx

    1. It's hard to find good brands which steer away from animal testing. Try and get some of their products if you get a chance, I think you'd quite like them! xx

  2. I have had a few things from MONU in some subscription boxes and really liked them. They are a brand which has very gentle products & I know they have quite a large range of products. I need to have a look and order a few more things from them to try.

    1. They have a massive range don't they?! They definitely cater for everyone, and their products are super gentle on the skin xx