Friday, 28 September 2012

What's In My Bag?

My favourite blog posts and You Tube videos are the ones which allow me to be nosy and the what's in my bag tag, which has been going around for years in the blog and YT world, is the perfect excuse for a bit of nosiness.

The bag I used over the Spring and Summer is this Mint coloured handbag from H&M. It has a long strap handle, perfect for wearing the bag on your shoulder, and two smaller handles so that the bag can be held in the crook of your arm. The colour was perfect for the warmer months and the bag was big enough to hold everything I wanted to carry around with me.

In the small zipped pocket at the front of the bag I keep a few essentials: my oyster card, a mirror, a hair tie and lip balm.

The main large pocket holds everything else I carry: my purse, my work ID, my kindle and my phone charger 

I don't carry makeup with me except a few lipglosses and some hand cream:

Lastly, I keep my ipod touch, my keys, a pair of sunglasses and my year planner in my bag - and of course, my phone!

I prefer to carry only the essentials that I know I use on a daily basis. If I am travelling this ensures my bag never feels overly heavy. I used to carry so much stuff in my bag and after a few hours my shoulder or arm would ache like mad! A good strap on your handbag will make sure you feel as little strain as possible, making your handbag a comfortable and practical addition to your outfit.

If you have a similar post or video on You Tube, don't forget to post the link in the comments for me to take a look!

Numera x


  1. I love these posts/videos ssoso much :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. Oh I love these posts! I'm like you - used to carry so much around but now only carry around the essentials. I did a youtube video about it not too long ago actually - you can check it out at my channel: