Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Instagramming My Daily Life 3

Here is a catch up of some of my Instagram photos!

If you want to follow me my user name is @hommesdefemmes

A bit of old school reminiscing; Tarte tatin; Gold collar tips; Old friend we meet again..

Eid gifts from gorgeous friends; breakfast; MAC Velvet Teddy; deserted underground station

Paris <3

More Paris <3

Taking my princesses to the theatre; Tropical Temptation; WIMH; A proper breakfast

Wedding preps with henna art; Teapigs; studded toes; chilli con carne at Las Iguanas

Coral collar and pearls; summer cooler; sunset; fruity goodness

Don't forget to follow me @hommesdefemmes to see more photos, I'm always taking pictures when I'm out and about! 

Numera x


  1. <3 PARIIIIIS!!!! <3 the city!!! .... ps. how did you link your instagram to your blog? I've tried but not working, i think it's because my pics are private on instagram?

    1. Paris is such a stunning city <3

      My Instagram isn't actually linked to my blog, I upload the pictures to the blog myself :) xx

  2. Gorgeous photos, those collar tips look cute!

    Sophierosehearts x