Friday, 6 July 2012

Project Pan #6

I am just over half way through Project Pan and I have to admit, I started slacking after number 5 (hence the long overdue post). I bought some beauty products/cosmetics - something which I was not supposed to do!

Never mind, here is number 6 in the list of empties:

As I have mentioned several times before on my blog, I am a big fan and regular user of Carmex lip balms. The Mint flavour was actually the last one I discovered in the range. Many people are not too keen on the tingly feeling which Carmex gives to your lips - I for one, find it quite pleasant and don't mind it at all. The added minty-ness which this flavour gives makes my lips feel cool and moisturised and helps to calm and relieve that dry, irritated feeling which dry lips tend to hold.

Of course, the added benefit of SPF15 is a plus and as long as it is available in an easy to apply tube, this lip balm will be a permanent fixture in my handbag and on my lips!

Numera x