Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nice Nails Baby

Last week I attended the launch event for the Nice Nails Baby new base in Kings Cross. The event was an evening of 'nails and cocktails' and was held at The Big Chill bar.

The event was a mixture of cocktails, cupcakes and of course, NAILS! Beauty bloggers and journalists were invited to have their nails done by a NNB nails technician. There was a wide range of nail polish colours to choose from and then the fun began with the application of your choice of a wide range of 3D nail art to jazz up your manicure.

Yummy mocktails

 Heart, Crowns and Bows!

My polish picks - OPI Hot & Spicy and Essie Coral Reef

Safiyah's (of Frooti Beauty) polish pick - OPI Mermaid's Tears

The final product! (Nails done by the gorgeous Steph)

Left hand (the 3D art definitely created the wow factor)

                 Right hand (yes, those are painted to look like licorice allsorts, and have been the talking point of many conversations since!)

Safiyah's and my bow nails

 More pretty nails

The Sassi PR and Nice Nails Baby team were amazing. They were friendly, helpful and enthusiastic - everything a good event team should be! They sat with each and every guest and chatted with us, a lovely personal touch which I felt made the event a huge success.

The Nice Nails Baby salon base is in Victoria and their new base is in King's Cross. Be sure to pop in and have a nail treatment from one of the gorgeous ladies who works there, you will not be disappointed!

Thank you to Jola for inviting me to such a lovely event and good luck to NNB with the new base!

Numera x


  1. <3 your blog!

  2. Love the liquorice nail!

    Nail varnish and cocktails? Looks like the perfect night!


  3. Loved the sweetshop on your finger! =D

  4. omg the nails are amazing and the colours are bright!The bows and sweets are a perfect finish

  5. looks like you had a good time, your nails look so cute!

  6. Hi Numera,

    Thank you for sharing this post, NNB love it :)
    We are so glad that you liked this event.
    We would like to add more pictures on NNB portofolio, can we share yours on Tumblr and Facebook?

    Thanks in advance.