Monday, 11 June 2012

Top 10 Nail Polishes

Today's post was inspired by Lily who writes What I Heart Today. She shared her top 10 nail polishes in a youtube video. I love seeing products that other people love to use and I actually created a short wish list just from Lily's video/blog post! Here are my current favourites:

These are in no particular order:

Models Own "Nude Beige"

I have raved about this polish several times on my blog. It is the perfect nude colour and the formula is non-streaky and long lasting. "Nude Beige" is my go-to nail polish for a clean, classy and work-friendly look.

MAC "Shirelle"

"Shirelle" is the perfect ruby red polish. Red is a classic lip, nail and dress colour and this shade fits that bill to a 'T'. Although I find MAC polishes to be slightly streaky, with a second coat the colour evens out to produce a bright red suitable for all skin tones.

Barry M "Berry Ice Cream"

Pastels are all the rage this Spring/Summer and this gorgeous lilac purple is one of my favourite colours to wear this season. It complements my skin tone and looks great with any outfit. Barry M polishes have been a firm favourite of mine for years and they never let me down.

MAC "Mischevious Mint"

Another pastel shade, mint green has been the hottest colour on the catwalks recently. Again, I'm not the biggest fan on the formula as I do find it to be a little on the streaky side; however the colour is beautiful and remains one of my most used polishes.

Rimmel "French Rose"

What I love about this polish is the maxi brush which makes application quick and easy. If you want a clean, natural look for your nails, kind of a painted but not painted look, this is a great polish. I also use this when I want a french manicure on my nails. 

Barry M "Raspberry"

Raspberry is a lovely deep red which would look amazing on any skin tone. It is another classic colour suitable to wear at any time of the year and for any occasion.

Barry M "Mushroom"

Yet another nail paint from Barry M, "Mushroom" is a warm brown colour which can be layered on to create a deep chocolate brown. I love to wear this in the winter especially.

Revlon "Tropical Temptation"

This beautiful coral polish is one of my favourite summer colours. I find Revlon polishes to be good in quality and generally they are non-streaky. The longer handle on the lid may not be everyone's preference as shorter handles allow for better precision, but I don't really have any issues with these bottles!

Illamasqua "Nomad"

This is part of the Human Fundamentalism collection from Illamasqua. It's a really pretty jade green shade which I really love. It is super bright but without being fluorescent and with two coats it looks creamy and smooth on my nails.

Barry M "Peach Melba"

The final polish in my top 10 is "Peach Melba", another pastel shade. I absolutely love this colour and I love how it looks against my skin. It's a beautiful spring/summer polish which provides the finishing touch to any outfit.

Clockwise from thumb: Nude Beige, Shirelle, Berry Ice Cream,       Clockwise from little finger: Peach Melba, Nomad,             
Mischevious Mint and French Rose                                                          Tropical Temptation, Mushroom and Raspberry

What are your favourite nail polishes? If you have a top 10 blog post leave your link below for me!

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  1. The MAC mint green is gorgeous... I think I might just have to try it out!

  2. I've got Barry M Raspberry goes really well with other pinks!

  3. love the minty colours and I love Barry M Raspberry too =D xx

  4. I love models own nail polish. I think it is my favourite drugstore nail polish. Great post xx

  5. how pretty is the revlon one?! great post lovely :)