Sunday, 24 June 2012

Instagramming My Daily Life 2

Here is some more long overdue Instagram love!

 Mac and cheese - food of the Gods!; My mug at work - me to a T(ea); Hello Loubis!; currently using: Mint Carmex
 East Street restaurant interior; hand sanitizers from Asmaa; cake sale at work; feeling minty with MAC's Mischevious Mint polish
 Creamy chicken curry; Edgware Road; <3; Zara beaded collar shirt
 Delicious food in Beirut Express; shisha time with Frooti Beauty and Chocoholic Hijabi; Bath and body works goodies from Dubai; Passion Juice and Mosquito mocktails
 My name (in arabic) on his finger; spikes and wings; Meat and Wine company; fruit cocktail
 My top 10 nail polishes; Lamingtons made by Asmaa; pearly queen; Bluebell nails
Summertime with strawbs; passing 150 followers!; coral and bling; behind the camera

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Numera x


  1. Love your pics! Hanni xxx

  2. Awesome .... love all ur pics xxxxx <3<3

  3. Even though I've seen ALL these before on Instagram - I can't stop looking at your Loubis and studded top! xx

  4. Awesome pics - the Mac n Cheese is the best though!