Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Project Pan #2

The second product I have used up recently is a clever little spray which was part of my hair care routine (read more about that here). It's the KMS California blow dry spray which I received in my December Carmine box.

This spray claims it will cut your blow drying time by half. Although I am not sure if that's entirely true (probably depends on the thickness of your hair) I most definitely agree that it reduced the time it took to blow dry my hair by a fair amount! I used this as the last stage in my hair care routine (in terms of products I used) just before drying and styling my hair. I sprayed this evenly over my hair and let it 'sink in' for a few seconds before blow drying. It doesn't make your hair feel sticky and it doesn't really have any scent, which I liked. This tiny bottle lasted me a few months and is something I would consider repurchasing - it saved me from that tired arm feeling I usually get when blow drying my hair, that's for sure!

Did you receive this in your Carmine box? Do you like to try new products when it comes to your hair or are you somebody who likes to use what they know works best for them?

Numera x

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