Monday, 14 May 2012

Let Me Be Your Skin Hero: Break-Out Mask

A while back I was asked if I would like to try out the new Skin Heroes range from the popular face mask brand Montagne Jeunesse. Generally, I don't really use face masks as I find my face scrub which I use as part of my skin care routine (more on that in another post) does the job for me. However, I really liked the new range from Montagne Jeunesse and I have always liked their face masks, so I was quite happy to see how the new range weighed up!

The first mask is the Break-Out mask. I offered this to my sister to try as I felt she would benefit from it more as she suffers from breakouts quite regularly.

This is a two step mask which starts with a clay face mask and ends with a moisturiser. Both contain tea-tree which has soothing and calming properties for blemish prone skin. The mask applies like a soft clay and hardens on the skin as it dries.

After washing off the mask, there is a moisturiser which is supposed to soothe your skin and tone down any redness. My sister found this difficult to rub in to her skin as it didn't absorb very well at all! There was far too much moisturiser in the packet. It did however, calm her skin down a little. Overall, the mask helped to make her skin super soft, however she didn't find it did much for the breakouts she has been suffering from. It isn't something she'd purchase again.

This mask is suitable for combination and oily skin (although I would recommend going easy on the moisturiser if you do have oily skin!) You can buy the new range of Montagne Jeunesse masks at Tesco stores, priced at £1.50.

Have you tried the new range of masks?

Numera x

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