Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nibble and Graze

Hey beauts! I recently started a new job and have fallen into the bad habit of drinking lots of coffee/tea and snacking on biscuits/cakes at my desk. When I wrote up this post it reminded me that I needed to refrain from binging on junk even more so now that I sit behind a desk for the majority of my day. Then, a few days ago I read a blog post on the lovely Asmaa's blog about Graze boxes (click the link to read her post).

Now unlike monthly beauty boxes (yawn) this is a box of tasty, healthy, nutritious snacks which are delivered to your door. You can choose from over 100 different snacks including, olives, nuts, fruits and fresh breads and then rate them based on your preferences so that you receive the ones you liked more often. I love this concept as I knew this would allow me to snack at my desk but without feeling guilty about it afterwards. I ordered my first box (which was free thanks to Asmaa) and it arrived in yesterday's post.

I received Basil and Garlic Olives, White Choc Raspberry Cheesecake, Apple and Cinnamon Flapjacks and Tom Yum Yum.

I took the box into work today and tried out two of the snacks I received. In the morning I tried the White Choc Raspberry Cheesecake, which is a mixture of hazelnuts, white chocolate buttons and raspberry infused cranberries. This box works with their 80/20 formula which contains 80% of goodness (the fruit and nuts) and 20% treat (the chocolate). The hazelnuts had a very strong taste because the skins were left on. I found them to be quite peppery and overpowering. The cranberries were juicy and sweet and tasted very fresh and pleasant - a mixed reaction for this one from me.

Later on in the afternoon today I tried Tom Yum Yum. This was a disappointing snack for me. I expected these to have a lovely oriental taste, but the lime leaves completely overpowered the smell and taste of anything else. I also don't like (more like, can't hack) spice and these were a little too spicy for my liking also. I offered these to my family and no one liked this box too much.

I haven't yet tried the olives and flapjacks but overall I do love the whole concept and for my first (free) box I am quite impressed. Looking forward to the next one now and here's to guilt free snacking!

Graze boxes are just £3.49 each and you can receive your first box for free also when you sign up using the code F5PY5NK on the Graze website

Have you tried Graze boxes yet? Let me know if you have and what your thoughts are on them!

Numera x


  1. Totally agree with the *yawn* at beauty boxes. I've been seeing a lot of this Graze box on my twitter feed recently, very interesting concept! I dont know if I would though, I'm a bit picky about how fresh food is, even though I am a massive snack-a-holic. Defs going to read into it a bit more though! xx

  2. This is a fantastic concept! I've unsubscribed to all the beauty boxes they're actually rubbish now :| I'm gonna try this out..thanks! xx

  3. I had Graze about 3 years ago when they used to ship fresh fruit instead of all of this dried rubbish. They ended up changing and I ended my subscription, because I hate nuts and dried fruit. Their fresh fruit was lovely, they had pineapple, apple, orange, grapes... Everything and it was fantastic.
    So gutted when they changed, it's kinda crap now :/
    Devon x