Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Henna/Mehndi Designs

When I was younger I used to watch my aunt apply mehndi (or henna) on mine and all my sisters/cousins' hands every Eid or time of celebration. I was fascinated with the intricate designs and the way her hands just flowed and held the cone shaped plastic which had the henna paste inside. As I got older, I tried to apply henna on people myself and with much practice over time, more people have asked me to apply it for them too!

For those who are interested, henna paste is made from henna leaves which have been ground up into powder form and then mixed with lemon and usually an oil such as eucalyptus oil. The paste is then applied to the skin and left to dry. After about an hour (or longer if you can leave it on the skin) the dried paste is removed to reveal the pattern which has been dyed on to the skin. Since the paste is made from a leaf, it is safe to use on your skin (but always remember to check the ingredients and maybe do a patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin).

Here are some of the designs I have done for people:

Designs for Eid or parties

Henna tattoo on the back of the neck

 Designs for an engagement party

Bridal Designs

Numera x


  1. Its amazing!come and do mine!LOL x ooh like the idea of the neck one

  2. I like the neck one- looks beautiful xx

  3. So pretty MashaAllah! Favourite has to be the design on the back of the hand (second picture) =D

  4. I love Henna designs on the feet they are so pretty!

  5. These are so nice, Numera - I love the bridal ones xx