Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Link Love

Since I am a little behind with my blog posts, I wasn't able to share my favourite blog links last week with you lovelies - apologies! So without further delay, here are my favourite reads from last week:

Just Nice Things is a blog a collaboration between two lovely ladies, Helen and Sheenie. They share lots of gorgeous NOTDs and a mixture of skincare and beauty reviews. Their posts are in depth and informative and both writers bring something unique to the blog. The above link will take to a recent favourite post of mine from last week, written by Sheenie. She has found a fabulous way to store lipsticks to ensure that you get the most out of your collection, and no lipstick goes unnoticed!

Lily's blog has a clean and clear layout and looks like a professional website which is something I really like. You can find posts featuring her daily outfits which show her great sense of individual style and some amazing photography. Her blog features the newest beauty buys and swatches of products as well as her opinion on the products as she uses them. She is also a frequent YouTube video maker and her recent video features her top 10 nail polishes (link above goes to her blog and video). This has inspired me to do my own top 10 polishes post, so keep an eye out for that girls!

If you want to drool over stunning scenery and just beautiful photography in general, head on over to Zara's blog. She is highly skilled with a camera and her photographs are some of the best I have seen on any blog (and I read a lot of blogs!) The photo above is part of a series in the photo-a-day challenge which she is taking part in. However, do not just click on that link and miss everything else on her fabulous blog! Make sure you check out her other posts on beauty, lifestyle and her frequent travels around the world.

I like the mixture of reviews, photography and recommendations which Leanne brings to the table with her blog. She regularly shares discount codes and great shopping deals with her readers, which I think is so helpful and sweet of her. The link above goes to her review post on the Real Techniques brushes which I'm sure you will have heard/read about and maybe even used yourself! I have been debating whether or not to try these brushes out and all I have heard is positive reviews from other bloggers/Youtubers. Leanne however, gives a very honest opinion on each brush which may surprise some, and it is definitely worth a read if you are considering purchasing any brushes from the range.

If you don't already follow the blogs which these lovely ladies write - then do it now! Go follow them on Twitter too ;) 

Sheenie - @SheenieShaikh
Helen - @HelenJNT
Lily - @lilypebbles
Zara - @MouldyFruit
Leanne - @LeanneMariexo

Please note: I do not own any of the photographs in this post. They are from the blogs which are mentioned and linked above.

Which blogs do you read and would recommend to me? I always love discovering new blogs so do not hesitate to leave me a comment or contact me on twitter to say hi and pass on your blog link!

Numera x

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