Monday, 19 March 2012

Benefit Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation

Hey dolls how are you all? Last Tuesday evening I went down to the launch of Benefit's new "Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow" liquid foundation. The event was held at Tower 42 in London in a room on the 24th floor of the building, and just look at the amazing view we had!

Image from the Benefit Facebook album

In 2009 research began into what would make the perfect foundation. The people at Benefit brainstormed intensely and in 2012 they have come up with this:

The Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation brings together all those aspects which we expect from a good foundation. It has brightening and hydrating properties, it uses an oil free formula and it contains SPF 25!

Head makeup artist Lisa gave us a demonstration along with some great tips on the best way to apply your foundation in order to keep it looking fabulous for longer. Her tips included, deep moisturisation of the face, followed by priming the skin and then applying your foundation with a brush as opposed to a sponge or your fingers.

After the demonstration the Benefit team helped each blogger to find their perfect colour match to the new foundation range. There are 9 shades to choose from, 3 light, 3 medium and 3 dark and I was matched to the shade "I'm so money, Honey" by the lovely Nafeesa.

As a complete foundation newbie, I want my first foundation to be something which feels light and allows my skin to breathe and this product does exactly that. It gives light-medium coverage and once applied it really feels like there is nothing on your skin! This is perfect for me, as I hate it if my skin feels heavy or clogged up from makeup. The foundation lasts for HOURS and it doesn't rub off on to your fingers easily like other foundations. I love the fact that it uses a pump dispenser, and although it is plastic packaging which may appear too simple and cheap-looking to some, it doesn't bother me at all. It keeps the bottle lightweight and easy to carry.

I would definitely recommend any first-time foundation users to give this foundation a try. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow is available to purchase in stores and online from 31 March and retails at £24.50 a bottle - it really is something worth investing in ladies!

Do you like Benefit products? Have you tried Oxygen Wow yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts on their first staple liquid foundation!

Numera x


  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself, those cupcakes look yummy.
    Will be trying HFOW very soon myself :) Looking forward to it.

    Devon x

  2. Definitely want to try this one out when it's released. Quite like the packaging and the fact that it's light-medium coverage =)



  3. wow that view is amazing! I'l defo be looking out for this foundation x