Monday, 13 February 2012

TOWIB February 2012

Hey gorgeous people! As you may be aware I attended TOWIB (The Only Way Is Blogging) on Saturday at The Montague Hotel in London (my last Wordless Wednesday kind of gave it away!)

There have been a lot of mixed reviews and reactions to this event - it is the third TOWIB to be held and the first two were quite different to this one I have been told.

So very quickly, what is TOWIB? Well it was set up by Hayley aka London Beauty Queen as a platform for bloggers to meet, network and learn more about blogging and the basics behind it. The last two events were very successful so I was keen to attend this one and get involved myself!

I travelled down with Saman and Aneesa from Wear Everyday. The day began with attendees receiving a name badge each and an itinerary for the day. Here's what was on the menu: A blogger bonding session, PR Panel, Ebuzzing, Annabelle's Wigs, Blogger Q&A and of course tea and scones!

The blogger bonding session was actually great fun and I got to meet so many lovely girls including some who I follow on Twitter/their blogs and talk to but have never had the chance to meet. It was also very flattering to hear some girls mentioning that they read my blog too! I met some absolute beauties: AnnieAnnabellaGabriella SofiaVictoria, and the gorgeous Aysh whose blog I have been following since before I began blogging myself! I wish this session had been a little bit longer so that there was more time to stop and chat with other bloggers (there was a competition element surrounding the session so many people were on the move pretty quickly after saying hello and swapping blog URL's with one another). It was definitely a great ice breaker though and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The PR Panel was next and it started pretty well. I took in a lot of great advice and information regarding PR's and what they look for in a blog and how to get involved with PR's also.

However, towards the end of the panel it became increasingly difficult to hear what was being said as I was sat right at the back of the room and many bloggers had started talking to one another. A friend and I approached Hayley and mentioned that we couldn't hear very well. She very kindly told us to move our seats forward and announced that others should do the same.

The Ebuzzing session was presented by two gentlemen from the company. The talk focused around how to monetise your blog and explained how their company worked to help bloggers make a little extra money from their hobby. Personally I felt it was a little more lecture-format than I would have preferred and not engaging enough for us as an audience.

A few bloggers decided to leave after this part of the day, me being one of them. I felt I had collected enough information and gained what I wanted from the day, so it was time to leave. It completely slipped my mind that the Q&A was still to come and I wish I had stayed for that now as I heard from other bloggers how great it was!

Overall, the day was worthwhile in my eyes, I learnt some great tips on how to improve my blog and how to interact with PR's - things I did not know before; and with me being a relatively new blogger, I thought this was really helpful. I got to meet some wonderful people for the first time and saw some of my blogger friends from before which I really enjoyed. Would I attend another TOWIB? Yes!

Were you at TOWIB? Please do leave your thoughts on the event in the comments section below, along with your blog URL if I didn't get a chance to meet you on the day!

Numera x


  1. Wow what an interesting event! I would love to go next time :) Great post xxx

    1. Thanks love! It was a great event for the most part :) Hopefully they do another one I learnt quite a bit from it! xx

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  3. Hello there hun! Aww you are so very sweet! Twas lovely meeting you as well, sad we didn't get to chat more! Hopefully another time!

    Love Aysh xoxo

    1. Hiya gorgeous! We definitely have to chat properly next time, will hopefully see you soon :) xx