Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lip Saviours - Carmex Moisture Plus

Hiya loves! As I have mentioned before, my lips are very dry (even in the summer) and I am constantly applying lip balm to hydrate and moisturise my lips. I used to carry a small tin of Vaseline for this purpose but I found that it made my lips feel heavy and I felt the skin was not able to breathe through the thick formula. I also found my lips were starting to become darker and really began to worry. After doing some research I found a lot of people were experiencing the same worrying reaction from the use of Vaseline on the lips. After this I invested in those little tubs of Carmex. I am a huge fan of the Carmex range. I fell in love with the formula and the tingly/cooling feeling they give to my lips but I was a little put-off by the the fact that I had to dig my fingers in to that tiny little tub (not the most hygienic thing). I switched to those plastic tubes and was much happier.

Carmex released a new range last year and once again, I fell in love.

This is Moisture Plus by Carmex. Currently there are three in the range - Peach, Pink and Clear. These come in a lipstick style tube applicator which I absolutely LOVE.

Top: Pink Bottom: Peach

The formula is smooth, creamy and so moisturising. They give the same tingly/cooling feeling to the lips as the original carmex formula but with an added twist: a hint of sheer colour. As with the original Carmex lip balms, these also have SPF15 in the formula - always a plus! They work as a great base to a lipstick or on their own and while the staying power of the colour is not very long-lasting, I don't find this to be an issue as you can reapply quickly without needing a mirror as you might with lipstick.

Left: Peach Right: Pink

I have built up the colour quite heavily for the above swatches as they are so sheer. The colours are not all that different, the peach is a little more orange/coral toned but could still be classed as a pink-ish shade. 

I reach for my Carmex Moisture Plus tubes quite regularly and have stopped using the original Carmex lip balms! The Carmex Moisture Plus range is available at Boots stores and can be purchased at £4.49 a tube.

Have you tried the Carmex Moisture Plus range? Would you use these over the original lip balms? 

Numera x


  1. Ooh these look awesome! I am def going to try these!

    1. They are! They're so moisturising and just perfect for winter :D xx