Friday, 3 February 2012

A Hairy Situation

Hey dolls! Today I wanted to share my hair care routine with you. Personally I think that girls tend to be most concerned about their hair, whether it's how it looks, what condition it's in, who cuts it or even how the weather (i.e. RAIN) may affect it. I know I definitely fall into that last category!

My hair falls almost to my waist and is thick and naturally wavy/frizzy (more towards the frizzy side unfortunately). I wash my hair every 2-3 days but if I know I can get away with it, I will try and leave it for longer to allow natural oils to nourish my hair a little. So what is my routine - well from start to finish, here it is:

I dye my hair regularly and did not use heat protector before blow-drying/straightening for a very long time. As a result, this mix has led to my hair becoming very dry, especially at the ends. To try and solve this issue I started applying almond oil to the ends of my hair once a week or once every two weeks. I put a little on the ends and mid section of my hair about 30 minutes before washing. Be advised - less is more! A tiny amount of this is enough to cover half my hair and if you use too much you will find your hair remains greasy even after washing. The smell of it is also very strong so try to use it sparingly. I have found this to be effective so far and my hair does feel less dry. Almond Oil is also fabulous to use on your skin especially on those dry areas such as elbows and knees! You can purchase this here for £9.99 with free shipping (500ml bottle).

The next step is to wash my hair. I have tried so many brands of shampoo and conditioner and I always find that after a while my hair starts to fall flat and gets used to the brand I am using and it doesn't do a great job on my hair. Matrix Essentials is the brand I am currently trying and I have been using these for the last two months. They are from the Sleek Look collection and so far I am finding them to be pretty good! My hair doesn't feel weighed down after washing and I find the formula is eliminating some of the frizziness from my hair. These don't smell all that great, they are almost scentless as far as shampoos/conditioners go. These can be bought here at £5.90 for a 250ml bottle of shampoo and £6.75 for a 250ml bottle of conditioner.

                                        Rusk Smoother Conditioner

As you can see, after depriving my hair of heat protection for so long I jumped to the other end of the spectrum and now use a heap of products on my hair before drying/styling. I towel dry my hair and use the Trevor Sorbie "Volume Booster" spray from the Beautiful Volume range. I spray this only at the roots of my hair (this also has heat protection and shine enhancing technology in its formula). To be perfectly honest I don't find it works that well for me and I only use it because I want to finish the bottle! You can get this spray at Boots stores for £5.10 (200ml). Next I take a pea-sized amount of leave-in conditioner (see above swatch) and rub this between my palms. I apply this to the ends of my hair mostly but I take the remains of what is in my hands and work that into the rest of my hair. This has a pleasant clean and fresh scent but do not use too much or it will weigh your hair down and make it look greasy. You can get this for approx £10 for 250ml online. I spray Aussie Heat Protection spray all over my hair (smells divine) and then finally spray the KMS California blow dry spray evenly over my hair as a last step before blow drying. This claims it will speed up blow drying time by 50% and it does not disappoint! The Aussie heat protector can be bought from Superdrug at £3.99 for a 150ml bottle. I received the KMS spray in my December Carmine box, but you can buy it for approx £10 for 200ml online.

Last step: tools. I do not brush or comb my hair while it is wet. I find my hair falls out a lot if I do so I leave it and blow dry it as it is without styling. I use my GHD hair straighteners to style my hair and the large paddle brush shown above to help style. The comb is what I use if my hair needs to be tamed a little (especially if I have been walking in windy weather/rain etc). I try not to brush my hair too much as my hair does fall quite a lot and brushing only makes it worse.

That's it lovelies! That's my hair care routine in full. I do sometimes use dry shampoo in between washes if I really have to, but I try not to.

What is your current hair care routine? What shampoo/conditioners would you recommend for someone who likes body and volume in their hair but still wants to eliminate frizz?

If anyone would like a more in-depth review of any of the products mentioned above, please tweet me or leave a comment below and I will try and do a separate post on that!

Numera x


  1. Nice routine! I love Almond oil!! I have to wash my hair twice though to remove any excess oil!

    1. I only apply a tiny amount to the ends of my hair so it washes out pretty well in one go, luckily for me! xx

  2. wow! thats a lot of product after washing! have u ever tried getting rid of the frizz with a couple of drops of oil while your hair is wet? I use moroccan oil, works AMAZINGLY!

    1. The products are to protect my hair from the heat, I don't really use any anti-frizz stuff. Can't stand putting oil in my hair after washing though, for some reason my hair just feels so greasy after :( xx