Monday, 20 February 2012

Bourjois Pop-Up Boutique

Hi dolls! Today I ventured out in to the cold and headed on down to Shoreditch where the Bourjois Pop-Up Boutique has been opened in conjunction with London Fashion Week. Today was actually the last day as the boutique has been open for the past five days - sorry girls! This is a picture heavy post dolls!

I have to say, for makeup lovers, the room was heaven! As you walk in there are jars and shelves of gorgeous Bourjois products surrounding you and the room looked like a cosmetics candy shop. I went along with a few of my friends including Abeer of Blog-a-Beaute, Safiyah of Frooti Beauty, Asmaa of Chocoholic Hijabi, Saman of Wear Everyday and Aalia of Hijabi with Style and also met the lovely Sharmin of Pinksweetsz. Abeer, Saman and I actually ran quite late and as we walked in Abeer was given a goody bag (given to the first 50 people who visited the boutique) and Saman and I were told that was the last one! Fortunately for us, the lovely ladies from Bourjois checked to see if they had any left over in the back and they did!

(More on the contents of this and my small haul in another post)

The room was buzzing with activity and everywhere you looked there was something going on whether it was manicures, makeovers, body art or just major hauling from the girls! I wanted to have a look at all the displays and swatch a few products straight away and as I was reminiscing about my first ever blusher purchase (Bourjois Rose De Jaspe) one of the lovely staff asked me if I'd like to have my nails painted - to which I obviously said yes! The gorgeous Lizzie filed and painted my nails for me and I left the colour choice up to her.

The colour is a little washed out in the picture unforunately. It's a really pretty tea pink shade which I love.

After having my nails done I decided to look around and admire the displays to allow my nails to dry properly before getting in to hauling mode ;)

See what I mean about it looking like a sweet shop?!

After swatching a few products and getting distracted numerous times by all the things going on around me I finally decided on what I wanted. I listed them on my little card (which would be given to one of the Bourjois ladies later so that she could fill up a bag with my chosen goodies) and took a few snaps of the room.

Clockwise from top left: The crew from T4 preparing to film, body art using Bourjois makeup, a customer having her hair styled by one of the Bourjois team

In the meantime, Saman and Safiyah were also being treated by the Bourjois ladies!

Saman having her hair styled and Safiyah having some body art done

As we prepared to leave (after paying for our majorly discounted products) I was once again distracted by a beautiful woman sitting in the corner where the T4 crew were filming - it was Ms Jameela Jamil! I didn't want to disturb them filming so I took a few photos from the side and then caught her giving me a funny look. I realised I looked a bit like a stalker taking sly pictures so I went over to her to say hi (and to reassure her that I wasn't a crazy groupie/fan who was taking 300 pictures of her!!) She was so friendly and very sweet and made my day when she complimented my hair calling me "sexy" (ME?! REALLY???) Safiyah and I had a few pictures with her and then it was time to leave the Bourjois Boutique.

Frooti Beauty aka Safiyah, Jameela Jamil and me!

The lovely Jameela and I

We left the boutique and headed towards the one and only NANDO'S for some lunch and to have a nose at what each of us had purchased.

Beautiful ladies: Asmaa, Aalia, Safiyah and Saman <3

I had a fabulous day with amazing company as always <3 Don't forget to look out for my goody bag and haul post, coming soon!

Did any of you go to the Bourjois pop-up Boutique? What are your thoughts on it? 

Numera x


  1. Had a great time and the bourjois people were friendly and helpful. Nandos was also delicious of course... the discounted makeup was a bargain and cant wait to try what i purchased

    1. Me too it was a great day as always with you beauties :) <3

  2. Wish I met Jameela is she like super tall????
    Also I want to see goodies. Ps I think i bought the blusher ur talking about Bourjois Rose De Jaspe is it number 74?

    1. Yeah she is around 5'10 apparently! She was sitting the whole time when I spoke to her so didn't see exactly how tall. And YEP that's the blusher! xx

  3. this post just made me smile hahah!
    i love your hair too!

    cant wait to see whats in that bag ;) xx

    1. Aww thank you my lovely! Glad you liked the post ;) xx

  4. I went today too, must've been not long after you. I couldn't stay long because I had college but did pick up some nice things :)

    Rachael x

    1. It was lovely wasn't it? What did you buy? :) xx

  5. Great post. V jelly I didn`t go!! xx

    1. Thanks Nilly, wish you had been there with us :( xx