Monday, 6 February 2012

100 Things - Part 8

Hi beauties I am here to share the next part of 100 things with you today!

Seventy One
Hot Air Balloons - I have never been in one but would absolutely love to :)

Seventy Two
Going to the Theatre - I love the whole experience and admire those who perform in theatres

Seventy Three
Water Sports - They're thrilling and great fun

Seventy Four
Lipsticks - Although I generally to stick to pinks and nudes I am hoping to be brave enough to wear brighter colours one day too!

Seventy Five
 Crisps - I have a huge weakness for crisps and tend to reach for them when I am peckish

Seventy Six
Coats - I love coats and jackets and the way they complete an outfit

Seventy Seven
Smokey Eyes - Possibly my most favourite make up look

Seventy Eight
Men's Jumpers - They're so comfortable to lounge in

Seventy Nine
Singing in the Car - Have you noticed how everyone does it and seems to not be aware that other people can still see even if they can't hear ;)

Cupcakes - I don't have much of a sweet tooth but I do love cupcakes
Images sourced from weheartit
Only two posts to go now! 

Numera x