Monday, 23 January 2012

What A Man Wants

Hey dolls today is a slightly different type of blog post from me. Have you ever wondered what men find attractive about a woman when it comes to her makeup? Do men really think less is more? I decided to find out! I asked a small number of men aged between 13 and 55 to answer a few questions based on makeup and what they found attractive about women who wear makeup. I'm going to list the questions with the answers from these gentlemen under each question so it doesn't get too confusing (I hope!). This is quite a long post, but it's worth a read I assure you!

1. Do you prefer to see a woman wearing makeup or no makeup?

W: I prefer a balance
M1: With makeup
R: Depends - I don't like it when I see girls overdoing their makeup and it equally annoys me when they don't put any effort in at all around people
B: No makeup to minimal amounts
H: I rarely see a girl without makeup so I'm used to makeup
A: Yeah wear makeup if going outdoors
D: No makeup
M2: No makeup

2. Do you prefer natural looking makeup or glamorous makeup?

W: Depends on the occasion I guess. Generally I like the natural look but on certain occasions the glamorous look is quite fitting
M1: Natural
R: Natural
B: Natural
H: Natural, no flashy shiny stuff
A: Natural
D: Natural
M2: Natural

3. Which makeup/beauty product do you like to see on women the most? (i.e. blusher, mascara, lipstick, fake tan etc. Pick one only!)

W: Lip gloss
M1: Mascara
R: Blusher I think?
B: Ooo that's a hard one, I'd say eyeliner
H: Mascara
A: Mascara
D: Lipstick
M2: Eyeliner

4. Which products do you hate to see women wear?

W: Fake nails - does that count? Any sort of artifical extension;  nails, hair, eyelashes. Don't like them, I only like enhancement of natural features. I also don't like excessive makeup caked on.
M1: Glittery things
R: Fake tan
B: Fake tan!
H: N/A
A: All that foundation they put on their faces!
D: Mascara
M2: Fake tan

5. What is the first facial feature you notice about a woman?

W: I always notice the eyes first
M1: Eyes
R: Eyes and hair
B: Eyes and teeth
H: Eyes
A: Eyes
D: Eyes
M2: Eyes

6. Curly or straight hair? Tied up or left loose?

W: I prefer curly hair and loose
M1: Curly and loose
R: Curly
B: Curly, loose
H: Straight. Left loose if activities permit
A: I like my girls with straight hair (GHDs!)
D: Straight, loose
M2: Straight, loose

7. What is one thing you have always wondered about makeup or beauty products/tools?

W: What is the difference in quality between high end brands and high street brands and what makes this difference?
M1: Why do girls love MAC?
R: Why the products are so small but it takes so long for women to put them on!
B: Why girls can't live without it
H: How would I look if I put foundation on?
A: Why are they so expensive?!
D: Why do girls use so much??
M2: Is it edible?

(By this point when reading back everyone's answers, I was in fits of giggles as I'm sure some of you are too!)

8. Do you prefer painted nails or bare nails?

W: Painted
M1: Painted
R: Painted
B: French manicured nails, nice and smooth!
H: Painted
A: Bare nails because they look cleaner
D: Bare
M2: Painted

9. For this question I showed the lovely guys 5 pictures of ladies wearing different styles of makeup and asked them to number the pictures in order from 1-5 with 1 being their favourite look and 5 being their least favourite. Unfortunately some of the boys were unsure of what I meant and answered in a slightly different way, and I didn't get a chance to ask them once more (I have left their answers out so as not to confuse everyone). I tried to pick images of women who were less likely to be recognised by the boys (so that their opinions would not be swayed by how attractive they found the women in the first place!) First, the images I showed them:

A                                                                                                                        B

C                                                           D                                                           E

W: C, B, D, E, A
M1: B, D, C, A, E
R: unanswered
B: unanswered
H: C, E, D, B, A
A: unanswered
D: C, D, B, E, A
M2: C, B, D, E, A

10. As a man, would you ever wear makeup and if so, which product(s)?

W: No chance, I'm pretty enough!
M1: (Laughs) No.
R: Blusher to cover up my battle scars!
H: Mascara, I heard it brings out your eyes
A: Don't do makeup!
D: No
M2: No

So there you have it! What men want and what they think about us women and our makeup! Did these opinions follow what you thought a man's opinions would be on makeup and beauty? Hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully I shall have more like this soon.

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  1. ahahah this is a nice and refreshing post!

  2. it was a great reading

    1. Thanks so much darling, glad you enjoyed reading it xx

  3. LOL absolutely hilarious, typical male answers for most! I should ask the hubby LOL xx

    1. Haha yep definitely ask him ;) xx

  4. I love this post - soo funny! I guess men generally prefer natural makeup!

    1. Thanks love! I get the feeling they just prefer women to not have that caked look overall - less is more! xx

  5. Lol it was actually pretty informative! This answer stood out: Why the products are so small but it takes so long for women to put them on!
    so true! =D


    1. Very true! I guess the guys are more thoughtful than I gave them credit for haha xx

  6. lol, this was absolutely hilarious, lol!!!!