Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Scrub Of My Life

Hey dolls! I wanted to share a product with you which has become a staple in my body skincare routine over the last few months. I tend to exfoliate my skin once or twice a week in the shower and I generally gravitate towards scrubs which are slightly abrasive (but not so much that they hurt!) so that I can really feel my skin being exfoliated. I have tried so many different body scrubs and a few months ago I found what is literally "The Scrub of your Life"

This is "The Scrub of your Life" from Soap & Glory. I love everything about S&G products; the packaging is cool and quirky, the products do exactly what they say on the box and they all smell great too! This scrub claims to be " the ultimate super-smoothing body buffer" and I have to say, it really is!

The consistency is that of a gel-type substance, it's clear with little pink exfoliating beads inside:

I apply the scrub in the shower to wet skin and use either a shower pouf or my hands to lather and rub it all over in circular motions. I focus most of the "scrubbing" on the backs of my arms, my elbows and my knees which is where my skin is drier. The great thing about this scrub is that it lathers into a foamy soap on your skin which just adds to the cleaning experience in my opinion:

You know those little bumps you get on the backs of your arms sometimes? Well this scrub actually gets rid of them and you can FEEL it happening! It also makes ingrowing hairs disappear and makes your skin feel super smooth and squeaky clean. I absolutely love this product and I know I will be repurchasing it again and again. It also smells lush too - like flowers and candy floss and all things sweet-smelling. I would recommend this to everyone who enjoys using body scrubs, Soap & Glory have made the perfect product which does EXACTLY as it says on the bottle - and you can't ask for more than that!

Have you tried any Soap & Glory products? Would you recommend any other body scrubs?

Numera x


  1. Brilliant review!
    Laur x


  2. I've been looking for a scrub lately and this sounds great, I'll try it out soon! xx

  3. Laur - thanks so much! xx

    B-a-b - definitely try it. I can't rave about it enough, it's so good! xxx

  4. lovelyyyy review! really wanna get my hands on it!

  5. I am half way through my first tube of this and i fricken love it my skin has never felt this good :-)

  6. I love this too:) they did a great heat up scrub too which was beautiful xxx

  7. Iheartmexo - Thanks hun! It's an amazing product definitely try and get it xx

    aprettyobsession - I feel the same, my skin feels so soft and smooth since I've been using it xx

    Izzy - I haven't tried the heat scrub but it sounds fab! xxx

  8. It looks great I may give it a go once I've run out of my current scrub x