Thursday, 12 January 2012

Line them up!

Hey darlings hope you're all well! One thing which most girls search high and low to find is an eyeliner pencil which doesn't smudge or wear off after an hour. Of course, I am the same and have tried countless numbers of eyeliner pencils in order to find the perfect one. Recently I have been rotating between three pencils which I wanted to share with you:

From top to bottom: Crayon Kohl in "Smolder" by MAC £11.50 from MAC stores; Smoulder Kohl in "Superblack" by Soap & Glory £5 from Boots and Le Crayon Kohl in "Noir" by Chanel £17 from Chanel counters

The MAC pencil was a gift from my hubby (more about that fabulous gift to come in a future blog post!). The pencil is pretty soft once you use it a few times but it starts off quite hard and scratchy on the eye. I picked up the Soap & Glory kohl pencil last week whilst shopping with my sister. I had heard a lot about the whole S&G cosmetics range and wanted to try it out for myself! I love that it has a sharpener on the end of the pencil, it's so handy. The consistency is that of a crayon and it's the softest of the three. The Chanel pencil is something I have had for about a year or so and is actually the second one I've purchased. It's soft but I can press down quite hard on the pencil and it doesn't break. Some swatches for you:

From left to right: Chanel, Soap & Glory, MAC

As you can see, all three are highly pigmented, the MAC pencil slightly less than the other two. As for staying power, the MAC pencil tends to wear off quite quickly. If your eyes water a lot, unfortunately this is not the pencil for you as the product will end up in a 'gunky' mess around your waterline. The pencil from Soap & Glory has better staying power but does require reapplication after a while to keep it looking fresh. The Chanel pencil definitely has the longest staying power for me and I generally do not reapply this unless I've had it on all day and then want to wear it in the evening also. It doesn't smudge underneath my eyes and stays very black. I rubbed my finger lightly over the swatches on my hand to show how it smudges:

The MAC swatch has almost rubbed off and smudged whereas the other two swatches have remained quite dark and the smudge marks are much less in comparison. 

Personally my favourite and go-to eye pencil is the Chanel kohl pencil and has been for a while now. However I would still continue to use the other two, the MAC when I want a lighter line and the S&G pencil for a bit of variety from time to time. I do like all three and am not put off by the lower staying power of the MAC pencil because its great for a softer look and it smudges well. I have been recommended another MAC pencil which I want to try so I'm not sure if I'd repurchase this specific one. I'd definitely repurchase the Chanel and I definitely think I get my money's worth. I am undecided with the S&G kohl pencil, but I do think it's a great product!

What is your favourite eyeliner pencil? Have you tried any of the above and had different results? What is your go-to pencil?

Numera x


  1. Ooh that's interesting! So the Chanel one lasts longest? Have you tried the Urban Decay pencils? (zero ?)

  2. Definitely lasts longest for me I love it! I haven't tried any pencils from UD actually, I think I need to pay you a visit and get my hands on some! ;) xx

  3. Great post I think I need to invest in some Chanel then! I use L'oreal kohl and contour I think that is what it's called. It's good but again need to reapply but I have really bad watery eyes so I thought I would need to re apply more compared to others.

    great post!

    1. Thanks hun! The Chanel pencil is amazing even if my eyes water it doesn't seem to budge really, the colour stays really black too which I love xx

  4. The Chanel pencil sounds amazing! I actually don't wear pencil liner anymore, a couple of years ago I switched to liquid and that's all I use at the moment. x