Thursday, 5 January 2012

Glossy Box for Men

Hey lovelies! As many of you may be aware Glossy Box announced a new beauty box designed for men which would be sent quarterly (as opposed to monthly). Although I dropped my subscription to the box for women I was very intrigued and curious to see what the men's box may have to offer, so I signed up for a box for my other half.

As you can see the box is a greyish colour - much more masculine than the pink box available for women! I asked my partner (Waqar) to give me his first impressions of what he had been sent. He responded with:

"My overall impression of the box is it looks really nice from the outside. However with all that paper confetti (is that what its called?) inside that's a bit feminine for me. It's not something that bothers me much but it would have been better if they were neatly arranged in there somehow."

Inside the box, Waqar found seven products. I asked him to take a good look at them, smell them, see how they felt on his skin etc. He gave me a short breakdown of his thoughts on each product:

Goldwell Hair and Body Shampooo - "Well it's soft and transparent. I don't know what else to say about it, it's shampoo. That's it." (You can tell he's really into this already can't you?!)

Vitru Energy Rub - "Transparent Lotion/Cream/Whatever you want to call it. Very soft on the skin and gives skin a very soothing effect it's tingly. Aloe Vera smell." (Ok, getting a bit better..)

YSL sprays - "Very strong manly smell, I like it. It's sort of flowery the smell, but strong. It's something I'd wear to work. Spicy? Woody. Not fruity at all."

Shaveworks 'The Cool Fix' Gel Lotion - "It's not that thick, slightly watery to be honest. I think its got Aloe Vera in it. Its got similar smell."

Vitru Conditioning Body Wash - "Thick/Creamy and soft. Smells of lemon."

Goldwell Volume Gel - "For hair or lack of hair in my case. Really thick slimy type thing. You know what it smells like? Johnsons baby shampoo, that yellow shampoo. It smells just like that!" (In case you're wondering, he keeps a shaved head at all times hence the lack of hair!)

Murad Clarifying Mask for Acne - "Really thick white paste like toothpaste. Almost scentless to be honest."

Once I had a short description of each product I annoyed him a little further with a few more questions (by this point I got the impression he was getting a little bored!) I wanted to know if he would use the products since I found that I stash most of my old Glossy Box products into a corner and never use them:

"I'd definitely use all the products except the hair volume gel.. Just in case you overlooked the fact I have none." (Always the comedian) "The products which I know I'll use the most are the conditioning body wash, acne mask, and the cologne. Will have to get back to you on the shaving gel I can't give informed opinion on that until it gets fully tested."

Finally I asked if he wanted to add anything:

"Any other comments.. Ummm, thanks? Really nice of you. You should have kept it a surprise!"

So there you have it! The first Glossy Box for men and I'd say that I am more impressed with this than I generally was with the women's boxes. Waqar was happy with what he received and he would use the products which is the most important thing. I'd say it's probably easier and simpler to provide products for men as they are (generally) much simpler creatures when it comes to beauty and skincare! I have kept the subscription for him and am actually quite looking forward to see what they offer in the next box!

What do you think of the box? Would you sign up for something like this for your father, brother, partner?

Numera x


  1. he was a great sport! This looks rather interesting, i think the hubbie would like this, may sign him up!

  2. Haha yep he was very co-operative surprisingly!