Friday, 27 January 2012

100 Things - Part 7

Hi darlings I am here with the next segment of 100 things I love - and here they are!

Sixty One
Road Trips - Best when they include friends, fun and food :)

Sixty Two
Photography - To capture those unforgettable moments forever

Sixty Three
My necklace - Designed and made especially for me, it's one of my most favourite pieces of jewellery <3

Sixty Four
Spiral Staircases - To me they are a symbol of luxury, I would love to have them in my own home one day!

Sixty Five
Almond Croissants - Although I am not a fan of marzipan in general, I do love these

Sixty Six
White Decor/Interior Design - It's clean, crisp and totally chic!

Sixty Seven
Messages that make you smile/get butterflies - It's the best feeling to know someone is thinking of you

Sixty Eight
Cities - I love the buzz that you find in cities

Sixty Nine
Handbags - They can change an outfit in an instant

Tea - How I start my day

Images sourced from weheartit

Just 3 more parts left to the series dolls! How did you like this week's choices?

Numera x


  1. Great post - and lovely picks. I genuinely love doing this post - it makes me soo happy :) x

    1. Thanks babe. I've loved doing them too! Have been reading yours, these kind of posts are great in showing a little bit of your personality! xx