Monday, 9 January 2012

100 Things - Part 5

Hi beauties, part 5 is here and I'm at the half way mark!

Forty One
Costa Coffee - Caramel Lattes are THE ONES

Forty Two
Comfy Slippers - I love lazy days in the house wearing my fluffy slippers

Forty Three
Play fighting - always lots of fun!

Forty Four
Skinny jeans - my favourite shape to wear

Forty Five
Hugs - they always make me feel better

Forty Six
Mocktails - I'm always searching for places that serve them

Forty Seven
Long, hot showers - I prefer them to baths

Forty Eight
Sunglasses - I just wish I had more reasons to wear them in this country!

Forty Nine
Walking barefoot on the beach - I love feeling the sand between my toes (plus it's a natural exfoliant)

Sleeping - I love my sleep!

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I am half way through my journey of 100 things I love and I can't wait to share the next half with you. Keep checking back for more additions to my list, lovelies!

Numera x

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