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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bloggers Meet Up!

Hi lovelies! Last Sunday I met up with a group of ladies who blog/make youtube videos. We met at Westfield in Shepherd's Bush for lunch and for a general get-to-know chat and then everyone took part in a product swap!

Eleven of us went for a late lunch at the lovely Jom Makken restaurant which serves Malaysian cuisine. We ordered yummy drinks and main meals and started to get to know one another. Lunch was followed by desserts and coffee and more chatter!

The bloggers in Jom Makken! 
Photos courtesy of Safiyah

My delicious meal and drink

We left the restaurant after eating and then made our way towards the Village inside the shopping centre. We found the perfect, quiet spot with some seating and tables and decided to carry out our "swaps" there. Each lady brought a few beauty products with them which they no longer used, didn't find suitable for themselves or just didn't want anymore. Each person showed what they had brought along and whoever liked the products simply spoke up and showed their interest. Everything started off in a very organised manner but half way into the swap everyone just laid out the products across two tables and everyone got stuck in with swatching and swapping! It was great fun and I came back with some really lovely goodies.

 The swap tables!
Photos courtesy of Safiyah

Just before leaving we took a couple of group shots:

Photos courtesy of Safiyah

The day was so enjoyable and I'm so glad I got to meet such warm, friendly and absolutely beautiful ladies. It was great fun to get to know each of you and to share ideas and opinions on so many topics. I'm really looking forward to the next meet up!

The gorgeous girls who attended (from L-R in the above pictures):

Aaliyah - Pyari Beauty
Abeer - Blog-a-Beaute
Fatima - Evoke Modesty
Safiya - Simply Muslimah 2
Nilufa - Mango Whirl
Safiyah - Frooti Beauty
Sam - Sam Ram
Hafsa - Muslimah Beauty
If you don't already follow these lovely ladies, click on the links above and go check out their blogs now and follow them! They all have unique, informative blogs and I enjoy reading each and every single one of them so I hope you do too!

Numera x

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Monday, 19 December 2011

100 Things - Part 3

Hey darlings I'm here with Part 3 of 100 things I love! No chatter today, I'm just going to get right into it - enjoy!

Twenty One
Long, luscious locks - healthy hair makes beautiful hair

Twenty Two
Lip balms - Much needed in the winter to soothe my dry, chapped lips

Twenty Three
Eating out - I love the experience of eating out at a nice restaurant and being waited on ;)

Twenty Four
Nail polish - I find it so therapeutic when I paint my nails

Twenty Five
That feeling you get after a hard workout - I get such a great sense of achievement

Twenty Six
Entertaining guests - it's so much fun and you're in the comfort of your own home!

Twenty Seven
Looking through old photographs - it brings back beautiful memories

Twenty Eight
 Nachos - the cinema ones are the best!

Twenty Nine
Flowers - which girl doesn't love to receive them?!

Achieving your dreams - I admire people who work hard to succeed

Images sourced from weheartit

And that's it! Stay tuned next week to see the next ten things I love and leave me a link below if you have joined in this tag and have come up with your own 100 Things posts!

Numera x

Friday, 16 December 2011

NOTD: Decisions, decisions..

Hi dolls! I was looking through some of my nail polishes the other day and trying to decide which colour to paint my nails with. I got the choice down to three different colours and then sat for AGES trying to make a decision about which one to actually use! Now, you may be thinking, why not use all three and create some nail art? Well, I personally LOVE seeing nail art on others, I think it's creative and skillful; but on myself I always prefer to wear one solid, block colour. In the end I swatched all three:

Clockwise from left: Leighton Denny "Sex Kitten" (which I received in my October Glossybox) RRP £11; E.L.F. "Mod Mauve" £1.50 from the e.l.f. website; Barry M Nail Paint "Berry Ice Cream" £2.99 from Superdrug

Swatches of all three - (Berry Ice Cream is a purple/lilac colour but did not photograph well unfortunately!)

I liked all three and STILL could not decide! In the end, I let the boy choose:

 I was actually quite surprised at his choice because he usually steers towards reds and pinks. He said he wanted to see something different on my nails so he picked this! This is three coats of nail polish plus a base and topcoat. I applied three and it still wasn't at the stage I would have preferred (it's very sheer/translucent) but I left it there and the colour was still quite pretty. It feels very fitting for the winter, the ice blue colour ties in well with the icy weather at the moment, don't you think?!

Which colour would you have picked to wear? 

Numera x

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bath & Body Works Galore!

Hi gorgeous readers! Hope you are all well :)

The way a person smells is VERY important to me (especially the way I smell!). Generally I steer clear of strong, musky scents and almost always go for clean, fresh and fruity smells. I am a HUGE fan of Bath & Body Works and have been ever since some friends of mine introduced me to the line. They travel to Canada regularly and always used to bring back these goodies which just smelt AMAZING. I decided I needed some B & B Works in my life.

Earlier this year I went to America, to Los Angeles and I was ridiculously excited about the prospect of visiting a store and owning products from the line. I didn't care what I did on this trip as long as I got to visit a B & B Works store!

In the end, I actually visited not one, but TWO stores and ended up collecting a massive package of yummy smelling products by the end of my holiday (needless to say the weight of my suitcase increased worryingly after those two shopping trips!) The stores are reminiscent of Body Shop stores and I was definitely spoilt for choice in there - I think I ended up spending about 45 minutes in the shop before I was dragged out by a very bored and agitated mother. Anyway, I was so, so pleased with what I brought back and I'm actually quite sad that I didn't end up buying more (oh yeah, maybe because I was broke after two trips!) so enough talking, here's what I picked up!

This is what I decided to keep for myself. There was a lot more in my haul but I (very generously, if I may say so myself!) split the pot of gold between myself and my three sisters. As you can see, I've been using these for months and some are almost completely used up (sad times). Here's a closer look:

First up: body sprays. I picked up three sprays from the Signature Collection - Bali Mango, Hawaii Coconut and Fiji Passionfruit (see what I mean about me loving fruity smells?). The fourth bottle is the Twilight Woods fragrance mist. This smells a little bit fruity, but more floral and has woody base notes. It is not a scent I'd usually go for, but it's not too overpowering so I kept it. The Bali Mango is my absolute favourite and I am actually really upset that I'm coming close to the end of my bottle and I wish I had picked up more now! The Fiji Passionfruit mist is my second favourite while the Hawaii Coconut comes in third place. All three smell exactly like the fruits they claim to be, although the coconut spray has a watered-down smell which I'm not as fond of. I like the fact that the packaging is clear because it lets me see how much product I have left (sob about the Mango mist being so low).

I bought two body lotions, both of which I love. The Fiji passionfruit smells just like the spray and I like to use that on my skin and then layer up the smell with the spray after for a longer lasting scent. The Midnight Promegranate triple moisturising body lotion is also from the Signature Collection and smells amazing too. The consistency of the lotion is luxuriously thick and creamy and glides on to the skin beautifully. It isn't greasy at all and it leaves my skin smelling beautiful and feeling hydrated and moisturised. The last product pictured above is the Sweet Pea Anti bacterial moisturising hand lotion. This was actually given to me by my friends who introduced me to B & B Works and it was the first product I owned. It has little antibacterial beads which melt into the hands as you rub the cream in. It smells sweet and fresh with a very slight floral note. I keep this in my handbag and it's very handy because it doubles as a hand cleanser and a moisturiser!

In the stores they have these bins dotted around which are filled with these little travel sized antibacterial hand gels. I actually had a lot more but couldn't for the life of me, recall where I have hidden them (from my sisters!). The two pictured are midnight pomegranate and fresh picked blueberries and these are great in handbags and on the go because they are tiny. I absolutely hate it if my hands don't feel clean and so these are perfect for me. Once again, these smell fabulous, just like everything else!

The final product is this Liplicious tasty lip colour in "Peach Tart". This was by the counter and I picked this up on the way to pay for my other goodies. I opened the tube and smelt it and I couldn't resist! Another fruity smell to add to my collection - this is a sheer gloss with a hint of shimmery peach colour. It tastes like it smells (like peaches, funnily enough) and it glides on the lips smoothly. It's not sticky and feels moisturising also which I like. They had a range of menthol-infused minty lip glosses also and I wish I had picked one up for myself as I really love that cool, minty feeling (similar to Carmex) on my lips. Never mind, next time!

Overall, I am so pleased with my haul and I wish B & B Works had stores in the UK. In terms of pricing, I think Body Shop prices are pretty similar, and I do think you get what you pay for with these sorts of products so I don't feel like I am wasting money.

If anyone is planning a trip the the States (or lives there) and wants to make me a happy bunny by bringing me back a suitcase full of things from Bath & Body Works, I won't say no!!!

Have you tried anything from Bath & Body Works? Would you recommend any other smells/products to me?

Numera x

Monday, 12 December 2011

100 Things - Part 2

Hey lovelies it's time for the second instalment of 100 Things I Love! I'm so happy I chose to start this as I had some really positive and sweet feedback from so many of you so thank you! Hope you like this post as much as the last one..

 Sunsets - they're beautiful, inspiring and romantic

 Makeup - to enhance your already beautiful selves :)

Travelling - it's the best type of adventure to go on

The smell of just washed clothes - I love fresh, clean scents and you can't get much cleaner than that!

My iPhone 4 - it's a phone, a toy, a diary, a search engine, a camera and so much more. The definition of a SMARTphone.

Watching movies - at the cinema or at home, I love sitting down to watch a good film

Fashion - it's art made from pieces of material - genius!

Body lotion - it makes your skin feel and smell amazing

Fruit - it's healthy and delicious

Long phone calls - just because :)

Images sourced from weheartit

Unfortunately that's the end of this week's chapter. I'm really loving doing these posts and sharing little parts of myself with you dolls. Hope you enjoyed reading and I will be back with part 3 next week!

Numera x

Thursday, 8 December 2011

NOTD: Glamour at Piccadilly Circus

Hello beautiful people! In the December issue of Glamour magazine readers were offered a free full size (10ml) Nails Inc nail polish. You buy the magazine for £2 and the nail polish itself is usually sold at a RRP of £11 so not a bad deal, right? The colours on offer were Tate (rich red), Victoria (dark cherry red), Piccadilly Circus (dark pink cerise) and Basil Street (pale toffee). Glamour magazine and Nails Inc usually collaborate at least once a year but I have to admit this is the first time I took advantage of that offer. I chose Piccadilly Circus!

Now this is actually the first Nails Inc polish I own as usually I tend to go for other brands such as Barry M and Models Own when it comes to polish. I was pleasantly surprised with this, I only had to apply ONE COAT on my nails to get this look! I love the colour and the way it looks against my skin tone BUT (yes there is a but) it started to chip after just two days!

Let me point out that I ALWAYS use a basecoat and top coat when painting my nails and that my nails are not subject to any dishwashing (thank you dishwasher!) or other activities which might ruin polish. Usually I can leave polish on my nails for up to ten days and then regrowth shows pretty badly (my nails grow extremely fast). I was so, so disappointed that this colour chipped off so easily and it scuffed up and looked horrible!

I'm hoping I had a bad bottle (does that happen?) and this isn't the case with all Nails Inc polishes??

So unfortunately, it's a thumbs down for me this time but I will try a Nails Inc polish again at some point and see if I get any different results. For now, I shall stick to my trusted Barry M and Models Own colours!

Have you tried nail polishes from Nails Inc? Did you have a similar result? 

Numera x 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wordless Wednesday

BIJOUX HEART Imperatrice 24-karat gold-plated necklace 

Source: Net-a-Porter

Numera x

Monday, 5 December 2011

100 Things...

Hi dolls, a friend suggested that I take part in the "100 things I love" tag which has been floating around for a long time now. Hopefully, this will give readers a little bit more info about me and the things I love! I will list ten things every week until I reach 100, so here goes..

Family - they're the most important thing in my life

My better half (in his most favourite place!)

My friends - they're always there when you need them

London - it's one of the best cities in the world

Pasta - I could eat it all day, everyday

Summertime - it makes me happy :)

Books - There's nothing better than to get lost in a good book

When people smile - even more so if it's because I made them smile!

Surprises - I love giving someone a surprise and if someone surprises me, that's even better!

Pick-n-mix - yum!

Images sourced from weheartit

That's it for this week! I will be back with more loves of my life next week :)

Numera x