Thursday, 8 December 2011

NOTD: Glamour at Piccadilly Circus

Hello beautiful people! In the December issue of Glamour magazine readers were offered a free full size (10ml) Nails Inc nail polish. You buy the magazine for £2 and the nail polish itself is usually sold at a RRP of £11 so not a bad deal, right? The colours on offer were Tate (rich red), Victoria (dark cherry red), Piccadilly Circus (dark pink cerise) and Basil Street (pale toffee). Glamour magazine and Nails Inc usually collaborate at least once a year but I have to admit this is the first time I took advantage of that offer. I chose Piccadilly Circus!

Now this is actually the first Nails Inc polish I own as usually I tend to go for other brands such as Barry M and Models Own when it comes to polish. I was pleasantly surprised with this, I only had to apply ONE COAT on my nails to get this look! I love the colour and the way it looks against my skin tone BUT (yes there is a but) it started to chip after just two days!

Let me point out that I ALWAYS use a basecoat and top coat when painting my nails and that my nails are not subject to any dishwashing (thank you dishwasher!) or other activities which might ruin polish. Usually I can leave polish on my nails for up to ten days and then regrowth shows pretty badly (my nails grow extremely fast). I was so, so disappointed that this colour chipped off so easily and it scuffed up and looked horrible!

I'm hoping I had a bad bottle (does that happen?) and this isn't the case with all Nails Inc polishes??

So unfortunately, it's a thumbs down for me this time but I will try a Nails Inc polish again at some point and see if I get any different results. For now, I shall stick to my trusted Barry M and Models Own colours!

Have you tried nail polishes from Nails Inc? Did you have a similar result? 

Numera x 


  1. Hey love that colour! I might have to go get it:) normally they r great polishes but I've had a few that jam shut cos they are thick and dry up round the lid x

  2. thankyou for commenting on my blog post about my lip balm collection! I got the nude colour or this nails inc. nail varnish last week. I think I put it on on Sonday, without a base/top coat and it has hardly chipped at all!I am really impressed with it, I think you must of gotten a bad bottle? Oh and I really like your blog by the way and I followed it! xxxx

  3. I've used Nail Inc. before and had the exact same problem :( Slight bummer considering the colours are lush! Barry M nail paints are a saint I agree :) Fab post :) xx

  4. Izzy - I ht's a gorgeous colour, even with the chipping/fading I'd say go get it hun! xx

    Islay - Maybe it was just a bad bottle, it hasn't put me off the brand completely so I will try some more of their colours out. Thanks so much for passing by and commenting, glad you like the blog! xx

    Clare - Oh no! Exactly, the colours are fab but it's such a shame when your nails start looking grubby after just a few days of wear! Thanks for your comment darl x

  5. Thats such a pretty colour such a shame it doesn't last! It'll probably chip in 5 minutes on my nails lol xx