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Get RUSHFIT With Me!

 A heads up for you lovelies - this is a picture heavy, text heavy (generally long) post, but I promise you it's worth taking the time to read!

Years ago when I was still in school I used to dance. Every week I'd go to a dance school and participate in shows and competitions. This was my main form of exercise for years. I was in good shape, I was toned and lean. When I started university all of that changed. I no longer did any form of exercise (unless you count walking up and down Oxford Street to shop - after lectures of course!).

To be honest, the lack of exercise didn't have an immediate effect on my body. I remained at the same weight and shape through university. However over the past two years I have noticed the laziness has started to take its toll on my body. I am no longer toned, my metabolism has slowed down, I have the dreaded "jiggle" on my upper arms and thighs and stomach. This called for action!

So why am I sharing this sob-story with you? Well, my other half is a HUGE health and fitness enthusiast. A while back he introduced me to what I feel is the best at-home workout available for those who want to tone up, get lean and lose a bit of weight. The name of this amazing workout programme?

The programme has been developed by Mixed Martial Arts legend and UFC World Champion Georges St Pierre (GSP) and his trainer Erik Owings. It's an intense workout programme which lasts 8 weeks and is not for the faint-hearted!

So how does it work? Well the workout DVDs are split into five sections (plus a bonus workout DVD) as follows:

If you're wondering who the piece of eye candy is up there - that's GSP!

The workouts are broken down into five rounds with a one minute active rest in between each round. I love the fact that there is only a one minute rest in between each round, it makes me stay on my toes and keeps my blood pumping. There is a 10 minute warm up before each workout and a 5 minute cool down after, unfortunately it's the same footage for both of these which is played but oh well it's not a big deal. Overall the programme requires around 50 minutes of your time for each DVD - which may sound like a long time but it flies by trust me! The only equipment you will need is dumbbells or hand held weights and perhaps a yoga mat as there is floor work included.

There are elements of mixed martial arts, cardio and weights brought into the workouts which is amazing because I feel like I am learning how to defend myself (you never know when you might need to girls!) without needing to sign up to a self defence class! My favourite is the Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning workout, it really pushes my body and immediately after I can feel the changes in my abs. The squats and lunges totally kill my legs but I love that feeling, it tells me I'm going to get great results!

Erik Owings leads the workouts, which is great because to be perfectly honest, many would struggle to follow GSP's thick French Canadian accent for 50 minutes! However, Erik is all business and GSP does chip in with a few cheeky, humorous comments now and then as well as advice. He brings personality to the routine. He likes to talk and Erik even cuts him off sometimes which always makes me laugh (it's not disrespectful, Erik just tries to keep to the strict timing of the rounds/rests!). I have to say the pairing of these two men makes the workout very enjoyable whilst keeping you focused but I always follow the female in every workout as she will do slight variations of some exercises which are more suited to women.

Every inch of my body is pushed and trained in this workout. It's fast paced and intense and requires dedication and determination. I really struggled in the beginning and almost gave up even, but I stuck it out and I think I am definitely reaping the benefits of that now.

I have been on this programme solidly for two weeks now and I have already noticed massive improvements! My legs and arms are much stronger, my abdominals are firmer, I have a lot more stamina and flexibility and I have lost a little of the "jiggle" that was beginning to build up. 

I would recommend this programme to EVERYONE who wants to lose weight, get lean, maintain a healthy lifestyle or just push themselves and their bodies. To confirm, this is NOT a programme which will make you build up huge manly muscles (I was afraid it might when I first saw it!) it will tone you up whilst also allowing you to build some strength. Paired with healthier eating habits, I now feel a great deal better about myself and my body and this is just the start of it all!

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle? Have you tried RUSHFIT?

Numera x

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with RUSHFIT or any of the programme's sponsors or creators. This post is just my honest opinion based on my own experience!

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