Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bloggers Meet Up!

Hi lovelies! Last Sunday I met up with a group of ladies who blog/make youtube videos. We met at Westfield in Shepherd's Bush for lunch and for a general get-to-know chat and then everyone took part in a product swap!

Eleven of us went for a late lunch at the lovely Jom Makken restaurant which serves Malaysian cuisine. We ordered yummy drinks and main meals and started to get to know one another. Lunch was followed by desserts and coffee and more chatter!

The bloggers in Jom Makken! 
Photos courtesy of Safiyah

My delicious meal and drink

We left the restaurant after eating and then made our way towards the Village inside the shopping centre. We found the perfect, quiet spot with some seating and tables and decided to carry out our "swaps" there. Each lady brought a few beauty products with them which they no longer used, didn't find suitable for themselves or just didn't want anymore. Each person showed what they had brought along and whoever liked the products simply spoke up and showed their interest. Everything started off in a very organised manner but half way into the swap everyone just laid out the products across two tables and everyone got stuck in with swatching and swapping! It was great fun and I came back with some really lovely goodies.

 The swap tables!
Photos courtesy of Safiyah

Just before leaving we took a couple of group shots:

Photos courtesy of Safiyah

The day was so enjoyable and I'm so glad I got to meet such warm, friendly and absolutely beautiful ladies. It was great fun to get to know each of you and to share ideas and opinions on so many topics. I'm really looking forward to the next meet up!

The gorgeous girls who attended (from L-R in the above pictures):

Aaliyah - Pyari Beauty
Abeer - Blog-a-Beaute
Fatima - Evoke Modesty
Safiya - Simply Muslimah 2
Nilufa - Mango Whirl
Safiyah - Frooti Beauty
Sam - Sam Ram
Hafsa - Muslimah Beauty
If you don't already follow these lovely ladies, click on the links above and go check out their blogs now and follow them! They all have unique, informative blogs and I enjoy reading each and every single one of them so I hope you do too!

Numera x

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