Monday, 19 December 2011

100 Things - Part 3

Hey darlings I'm here with Part 3 of 100 things I love! No chatter today, I'm just going to get right into it - enjoy!

Twenty One
Long, luscious locks - healthy hair makes beautiful hair

Twenty Two
Lip balms - Much needed in the winter to soothe my dry, chapped lips

Twenty Three
Eating out - I love the experience of eating out at a nice restaurant and being waited on ;)

Twenty Four
Nail polish - I find it so therapeutic when I paint my nails

Twenty Five
That feeling you get after a hard workout - I get such a great sense of achievement

Twenty Six
Entertaining guests - it's so much fun and you're in the comfort of your own home!

Twenty Seven
Looking through old photographs - it brings back beautiful memories

Twenty Eight
 Nachos - the cinema ones are the best!

Twenty Nine
Flowers - which girl doesn't love to receive them?!

Achieving your dreams - I admire people who work hard to succeed

Images sourced from weheartit

And that's it! Stay tuned next week to see the next ten things I love and leave me a link below if you have joined in this tag and have come up with your own 100 Things posts!

Numera x


  1. Lol at nachos!!! WHEN WE DOING THIS?!?!?!?! I deserve it and you know it.