Monday, 12 December 2011

100 Things - Part 2

Hey lovelies it's time for the second instalment of 100 Things I Love! I'm so happy I chose to start this as I had some really positive and sweet feedback from so many of you so thank you! Hope you like this post as much as the last one..

 Sunsets - they're beautiful, inspiring and romantic

 Makeup - to enhance your already beautiful selves :)

Travelling - it's the best type of adventure to go on

The smell of just washed clothes - I love fresh, clean scents and you can't get much cleaner than that!

My iPhone 4 - it's a phone, a toy, a diary, a search engine, a camera and so much more. The definition of a SMARTphone.

Watching movies - at the cinema or at home, I love sitting down to watch a good film

Fashion - it's art made from pieces of material - genius!

Body lotion - it makes your skin feel and smell amazing

Fruit - it's healthy and delicious

Long phone calls - just because :)

Images sourced from weheartit

Unfortunately that's the end of this week's chapter. I'm really loving doing these posts and sharing little parts of myself with you dolls. Hope you enjoyed reading and I will be back with part 3 next week!

Numera x

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